How to List or Insert Page Numbers into a PDF Without Free Programs

The headers and footers that you can place in these files include important data such as the date, an automatic numbering of each page, Bates numbering that is ideal for those documents of a legal nature, title and the name of the author.

This numbering can be added to the headers and footers of one or more PDFs. The headings that you can place in these PDF files may differ from each other.

A clear example is the fact that you can add headings to the right of odd pages and a different one to the left of even pages.

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Adding different headers and footers

  1. To begin you must open the PDF file to which you want to add the header and footer.
  2. After that, you must enter the options bar and choose the “Tools ” tab , after that, you will see the option ” Edit PDF ” press it and wait for a panel to open on the right side where a toolbar will be displayed secondary, in which you must locate on the option “Header and footer ” there you must enter the option “Add “.
  3. If necessary, you must specify what the values ​​of the font and the margin you want will be.
  4. Then he begins to write anywhere in the text box of said header and also in the footer. If what you are looking for is to insert numbers on the current page or date, you must select a box and click on those corresponding buttons.
  5. If you are looking to select the input format automatically, you just have to click on the “Page number and date format”.

In order to specify the pages where you will see the header and likewise, the footer, you must click on the “Page range options ” button . Once there, you must specify the range of the page and choose the option “Subset “, this as long as it is necessary.

If you have already finished and what you want is to see the results you have made, you must access the “Preview ” option . If you want to save the configuration of the headers and the footers of the pages, you just have to click on “Save configuration” and it will be available for a future edition.

Similarly, if you want to apply the same settings to different files that are already saved, you must click on “Apply to multiple files”. After that, you must add the files to which you want the changes to be made and press “OK”.

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How to add headers and footers without an open document being found?

To begin, go to the options bar and choose the “Tools” option and then open the “Edit PDF” tab.
Once you are in said secondary toolbar, locate the option “Header and footer” and then go to the “Add” button.

You will see that a dialog box will open, after that, you must locate and click on the “Add files” button and at the beginning to choose “Add files” here you will have the freedom to add and select the files you need.

Configure said page the way you want and after that, press the “accept” button.
You will see that a dialog box opens in which you can specify your folder preferences and also the name of the file, and then press “OK”. Now you just have to save your PDF file and share it through email, Facebook and even WhatsApp .

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