How to link, pin, or anchor images to text and paragraphs using QuarkXPress

An animated article with good pictures captures meaningful pictures in the reader’s mind, stimulates his interest, thought processes, and makes it easier to grasp new ideas and has various effects on the receiver.

For this purpose, QuarkXPress has been designed, which allows you to align text as well as link, fix or anchor images either in a paragraph or text and can be used by professionals or those who are just starting in the world of design. This term has to do with a design program, which uses what is known as a graphical interface made up of objects and images in order to symbolize actions and available information.

How to anchor images to text

QuarkXPress is one of the best programs for advertising companies since, for example, it allows you to print a poster or poster in real size on A4 sheets , and it is appropriate for any type of images, since it has different types of structuring, either triptychs. , small designs or brochures. In fact, you can even design newspapers easily.

quarkxpress interface

For this purpose, the figure should be used as a typographic one. You must be aware of the changes in order to make QuarkXPress fix the image in the text.

Linked image in Quark, left justified

One tool that can be used is what is known as the drop caps. Many pretty fonts are incorporated into a paragraph, in the initial letters specifically. The letter is an image that is personalized, the desired image must be entered into a computer in what is called an image box and it is installed according to your liking.

This program has its limitations that is why a square format must be used, avoid the image from being cropped, any text must adapt to the figure environment.

Mark where it says element tool, select image, cut it in paper holder option. Press Ctrl + X in Windows program or Cmdo + X and Mac identifier. Select the text tool, press from the beginning of the paragraph where you want it to be anchored, press Ctrl + X in Windows or Cmdo + X or Mac, said figure it may be located inside the text. Place element tool, cut image so the parameters in panel options will be modified.

There is a tab which directs attention to the image box, select the alternative align with the long stroke, located on the left side of a box, locate the figure linked within the text, the site that the person selected. It will carry out a transfer according to the remaining paragraphs, even when the person adds or removes many texts on different pages, even higher than the design.

Image docked in QuarKX right justified

The price is similar, place the image that you want to anchor inside an image box, you choose the element tool. It is cut using clipboard option. Press Ctrl + X for Windows computer systems or Cmdo + X and Mac identifier. Choose text tool.

person using a laptop

When entering an image or figure inside the text, it is carried out as if it were a complete paragraph, ignoring certain lines and pressing enter taking into account the previous paragraph. Find home tab, it cuts out where a justification symbol appears on the right. Element tool is pressed, selected image, press align with very high line, search for the image.

The embedded image can then be displayed as was done at the beginning in the lower paragraph. Now proceed to align the image in the upper part incorporated in the text of the QuarkXPress program, select the contouring tab in the options panel. The right part justified image extends where the border ends, adding 3mm of precision to what is called basic bleed. This must abide by restrictions found in the table.

Therefore, it must be persuaded by pointing out that in the right part add negative contouring between the space that exists in the margin (15 mm) coupled with the 3 mm of blood.

Towards the right there is a total of 17 mm of contouring. It is important to accommodate the distance on the right side, the image box tab is located and proceeds to attach 17 mm offset from the width of the box, and thus it can regain its previous position.

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