How to limit the bandwidth to devices connected to a Router?

With the Routers we can connect wirelessly without any problem and this gives us a freedom and comfort that we did not have before. This without naming that we can connect as many   devices as we have available. But what seems like an advantage becomes a major problem, since now my connections are slower on some devices.

This has a very simple solution and for this we are going to limit the bandwidth to devices connected to a Router. We have already told you how important it is to know how our devices work and how to configure them. Sometimes we have to learn to restart or reset it to solve problems related to the internet connection.

How to limit the bandwidth to devices connected to a Router?

Imagine this case, several mobile devices and your PC are connected , and they are making intensive use of the network. This means that they are watching streaming movies, downloading files from P2P networks. Also watching videos or movies on a platform like YouTube, even if you have a fiber internet connection, you will have speed problems.

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And this speed limit can be reflected in some devices more than in others, but it will always feel that the connection speed decreases, if several devices are connected at the same time. And this becomes more evident when in any of the devices that are connected, you want to download a file that has a higher bandwidth due to its size.

Well, we have already described the problem that is presented to us very well and we want to know what we should do to avoid this situation. Well, it is very simple, we only have to divide the bandwidth and in this way we can manage the traffic. Thus, all connected devices will be able to connect without problems, without limiting others.

But we must not make this exact division, we must give greater bandwidth to those devices that we know will need a higher limit for the tasks they perform. And the rest will use a width limit that allows them to navigate without problem and without slowing down those devices that require more bandwidth.

How to distribute the bandwidth of the Router

The new Routers allow us to limit the bandwidth of our WiFi through the configuration. Entering this section we will look for the QoS function, through it the data flow can be prioritized. As well as managing the different types of traffic , limiting the bandwidth to devices connected to a Router.

This function is found in the Router Menu, and we will find it in NAT or where the options to close and open ports are found. Here we will find to activate QoS, then we must indicate the network to distribute, the amount of bandwidth. And finally, which packages we want to prioritize, there is a Router that allows you to indicate the platforms, whether they are gaming , YouTube, WhatsApp, etc.

We can also assign a speed limit to each user who is connected to the Router. Once these configurations are finished , we can go on to verify if the devices can navigate without problems. If, on the other hand, our Router does not allow us to make these configurations, we must make use of external applications.

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We will recommend you a tool that is free and that will help you a lot in the way of carrying out the traffic and the limit of the bandwidth. This application is called Traffic Shaper and in this way we come to the end of this guide that with simple steps taught you  how to limit the bandwidth to devices connected to a Router.

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