How to know which programs consume the most RAM on my PC

Efficiency and effectiveness are terms that we use in common parlance, but beyond their widespread use, they are an undeniable desire, as well as a necessity, when it comes to technology. For this, there is RAM, which provides a great background so that the applications and internal functions of the devices can perform their functions quickly.

It is inferred that the higher the RAM, the faster the operating speed will be, so it is sought how to use all the RAM that can be used in Windows, or find the need to stop Apps that consume a lot of RAM memory on mobile phones. With the idea of ​​being able to improve the general performance of the devices. We are going to address the special issue of RAM on the PC.

In order to improve PC performance , it is necessary to focus heavily on RAM memory, and not only on freeing up and optimizing RAM memory , it is also necessary to know which programs or applications consume more RAM memory on my PC. And the process to find out, we will explain it in detail and in a simple way.

programs that consume more ram memory

How to check if a program or App is consuming a lot of RAM

All programs and applications are going to consume RAM memory, since it depends a lot on its operation, however it is true that there are some programs and applications that are going to consume more RAM memory than others; Identifying them is simple and we will show you.

Know how much RAM you are consuming

For this we are going to use the internal supervision tools that the PC itself offers us. The first thing will be to go to the lower part of the computer screen, being of course from the desktop, so that there are no distractions. There we are going to do a right clip.

When doing so, a dialog window is displayed, in it we will look for an option titled as ‘ start the task manager’. In it we can review and know which programs or applications consume more RAM memory on the PC.

To do this, we must then click on the Processes part. A whole series of information will be displayed there, organized as a list. They will be the processes and applications that are consuming memory and running.

You must click on the space marked as ‘ memory’.  In it, you will see how the information we are looking for is ordered in a more detailed and specified way, that is, to know which applications or programs are consuming more RAM memory.

Identify hidden processes that consume memory

To do this, the same steps described above must be followed, but the only difference is that you must open the window completely in the task manager; in this way it is possible to see which applications have hidden processes that slow down the system.

How to manage RAM usage using task manager?

When we hear the word memory, we have the preconception that it is an entity where information is stored and it will be there forever, unless it is decided to eliminate or purge the memory or the content it has. But in the case of RAM, that concept is broken.

ram details

RAM memories are elements where the information that is handled is momentary, that is, it will be limited and conditioned to the time of use of the equipment when it is turned on, once it is turned off, the information that is stored in the RAM memory, it is going to be liberated, that is to say, to be eliminated. Therefore, the storage offered by RAM is momentary.

All this can be very confusing and ambiguous at first glance, but we are going to put it in a simple example so that everyone can understand it. We know that to have a program or an application inside the PC, a place to store it is required, and the computer already has it.

But programs and applications cannot be run in the same place where they are stored, for this they need a place to run their processes, and that is where the help of a memory comes out, that is, RAM, which offers storage or space momentary use.

Now, to manage the use of RAM from the task manager, you must enter it and go directly to the tab that says Memory. Once there, you must select those applications that are consuming more memory, you just have to click on the option that says End task, that’s all.

What are the programs that tend to consume more RAM memory?

If you wonder what is the reason why your PC becomes so slow sometimes, you should know that this is due to various programs that make this happen. If you want to know what the main causes of this are, keep reading this post so that you find out and look for solutions as soon as possible.

Something very common that happens to all of us is that we usually search for large amounts of information through the Google Chrome browser; since it is the most used by thousands of users in the world. The problem is that when loading so many pages simultaneously, the RAM memory is affected considerably.

Video game

Another program that consumes RAM memory considerably are video games. This occurs frequently in mid-range computers that do not have enough capacity to run these games efficiently; which makes the whole process cumbersome for many professional gamers.

Editing software

Any editing software requires at least 8 GB RAM, otherwise the programs will not function as efficiently. That is why this software takes up so much memory and if your computer is not that current, it is possible that the computer will freeze at any moment.


Emulators, in general, tend to consume a lot of RAM, since they are characterized by simulating the activity we do through our phone but from the comfort of the computer. That is why if you intend to play from the PC with an emulator, you have to know that it is possible that errors may occur due to lack of space in the RAM memory.

Best programs to control RAM memory usage

Despite the fact that the Windows 10 task manager is so efficient, there may be users who prefer to turn to other alternatives; in order to effectively control the use of your computers’ RAM memory. Here, we indicate some options that can be very useful.

control RAM memory usage

Process Explorer

This application, you can easily download and install it on your computer, with its use, you can determine which applications are consuming more RAM than normal. Its effectiveness is proven by thousands of users around the world since it is a very professional tool. It also includes an extra element, it is VirusTotal, which serves to ensure that the programs executed are of reliable origin or not.

Process Hacker

In a very similar way, there is the option to install Process Hacker, which you can also easily find. The difference is that it has more functions than Process Explorer and even allows users to use a large number of keyboard shortcuts, which turn out to be very useful to access other options, such as Widgets.


Last but not least, there is Daphne’s alternative. Through its use, you can view the programs that consume the most RAM memory very quickly and with detailed information about them. Likewise, it is also possible to debug these applications successfully to have a better PC performance.

How to free up and optimize RAM memory in Windows 10

If you want your computer’s system and performance to be faster, the best thing you can do is free up the RAM. Since, if you do not have the possibility to buy a PC with more storage amount at the moment, you can appeal for these options.

Close background apps

To carry out this process, you must go to the start menu of your PC and look for the option that says Privacy. From the panel, you have to click on the section that says Applications and then on Background Applications; Next, you must go looking for the applications that you think consume the most RAM memory and click on the switch that appears next to it to make it Disabled.

Hidden programs and processes

As we discussed earlier, the best way to determine which programs are hidden in the system is through the task manager. So you have to open it and look for the option that says Processes, where you can see all the information requested and delete whatever is necessary to optimize the RAM.

search programs optimize RAM

Use a lightweight browser

Since Chrome tends to consume so much RAM, you can opt for other, lighter options. Among them, we can name Opera, Avant Browser, Maxthon, Midori Browser, among others. Any of these browsers will be very useful because basically, they consume very few resources. Which translates into greater freedom to surf the web without the computer having problems derived from a lack of RAM memory.

defragment disk

One of the best ways for our computer to run faster is to defragment the PC’s disk. You can do this by typing in the start menu, at the bottom where the Defrag magnifying glass appears. Next, you will see an option that says Defragment and optimize drives and it is the one you must select; in this way it is possible to choose the disk drive of your preference and click on optimize to make it work better.

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