How to know what processor I have – How many cores does my PC have?

Find out how to know what processor you have and how many cores your PC has

It is often said that the processor is the ‘brain’ of a computer, and it is not for less, since it is in charge of executing the programs on the PC and much more. If you need to know what processor you have and how many cores your PC has, below you will find the steps to access this information and other important features.

Steps to know the processor and cores of the computer

  1. First of all, we will have to locate the folder ‘This team’. To do this, we go to the file explorer, or we enter the ‘start’ menu and write ‘ This team ‘. On this folder, we will right click to display a small menu of options.
  2. The next thing will be to select the option ‘Properties’ and we will have accessed the system. Another way to access this window is by right-clicking on the Windows icon (with which we display the start menu), selecting ‘System’ and then locating the option ‘System information ‘.
  3. By accessing the ‘System’ window we will be able to see all the characteristics of our equipment, from the operating system, to which CPU we have, the RAM memory and much more.
  4. In the ‘Processor’ section we can see the details of the processor of our equipment, and right there it will show us the cores that the computer has, as well as the speed and others.

Why is it important to know which processor and how many cores the computer has?

It is essential to know the characteristics of our equipment, since in this way we can get an idea of ​​what the PC will be able to process, from editing programs to make videos with photos and music , editing drawings, to video games and much more.

Processor socket

Knowing what processor and cores your computer has will allow you to know whether or not it is convenient for you to change for a specific processor. In this way you can make a comparison between the different processors and the one your computer has and make a better choice.

What are the best processors in the industry today?

Currently, in the industry of processors and microprocessors for computers there are two main manufacturers, which are Intel and AMD ; Intel offers its Intel Core processors and AMD offers AMD Ryzen processors. The truth is that there are big differences between Intel and AMD processors , but both are excellent options.

Before choosing a processor, several aspects must be taken into account, including the model, the name of the microarchitecture, the socket, the cores, the frequency and others.

You should also keep in mind that the socket of the new CPU has to match the socket of your current processor. In this way, you will be able to know that the CPU is compatible with your equipment. In case the socket between the two processors does not match, you will have to purchase a new motherboard as well.

Ryzen processor

As you can see, before choosing a new CPU for our team it is essential that we know all the details of it. So remember, if you want to know what processor you have and how many cores your PC has, you just have to follow the instructions specified above. By knowing your current processor, you will have a better idea of ​​what new processor you need in case you want to change it.

Knowing the characteristics of your PC is very important, the processor is an essential component from which you must learn at least the basics. In turn, computers are made up of many parts, so it is important to find out about the best types of motherboards for laptops and computers , as well as the most suitable RAM memories or hard drives, since all of this integrates our equipment. .

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