How to know the maximum RAM memory that I can install and that my PC supports

If you have wondered how to know the maximum RAM memory that I can install and that my PC supports? Well, here we will explain everything you need to know about this important topic in computing.

The RAM plays a key role in most terminals currently in use, holding it up on mobile devices. However, these cannot expand it to a value greater than the one they come from the factory. In the case of both laptops and desktops, this is possible, and it is not difficult to do.

First method to know the maximum RAM that I can install

In the first instance, we can make use of a tool that Windows offers us to know the maximum amount of memory supported by our PC, this applies to both laptops and desktop computers that have any recent version of Microsoft’s operating system installed .

We must go to start and write ‘wmic’, without doing anything else the search will begin and an application with the same name should appear as the only option. We open it and a window should appear, very similar to the CMD window, here we must type a simple command so that the console is located in the information of the RAM memory.

We write ‘memphysical’ then we give enter and if we look to the right it will tell us memory matrix, this means that we did the step well, being here we can enter a new command. We proceed to write ‘memphysical get maxcapacity’ without the quotes and the first word separated from the second. 

maximum ram memory install pc

When we do this we will give enter and it will quickly load the total value of memory that we can place, normally we will get a very large number, but if you fix it in the first figures, you will know if you can install 32gb, 64gb or 16gb. To carry out the procedure of changing the RAM memories , you must be very careful since they are very delicate pieces. For this reason, you must have at least a minimum knowledge of how to do this procedure.

Second method to know the maximum RAM that I can install

Another way a little less complicated to know how much we can expand our memory, is through a specialized program for this.

We can, for example, make use of CPU-Z, which not only helps us see our RAM memory, but is one of the best programs to measure the performance of our PC and obtain all kinds of information about its internal components.

To get this program we only need an internet connection, doing a quick search with our favorite browser, we will find the main page of CPU-Z. Here we can download it for free, then we must install it and once it is ready we will proceed to execute it.

When we start it for the first time, it will begin to scan our hardware, and then it will tell us what we have installed on our terminal. If you look at the top there is a menu. We must look for the part that says memory, here we can obtain all the necessary information about our RAM memory.

How can it be useful to install the maximum RAM memory in our computer?

As we know, RAM is a vital part of every computer, since it is responsible for saving information immediately, without having to use the hard disk to send it back to the processor. For this reason, it is necessary that it has a good capacity so that when doing multiple tasks it does not overload. 

ram memory that i can install and support my pc

Also, depending on what we use our computer for, we will need more or less RAM, since if, for example, we are designers or we work with editing programs, we will need at least 16GB of RAM so that our computer does not crash suddenly when processing a job.

In the same way, if we dedicate ourselves more to the field of competitive games, we need our computer to be the fastest and most efficient when it comes to doing tasks and for all this it makes use of RAM. It is important to know how to differentiate RAM from ROM, since they fulfill totally different roles, in addition to being physically made for different jobs.

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