How to know the brand and model of my Router – Quick and easy

This can often be shown as a great challenge for many, considering all the parts that can be purchased in the current market for a specific price, since more expensive is not always better in the world of computing.

Given this, many people tend to focus on looking for the best video card, the best RAM and the best hard drive. But, many people tend to forget about other small details, such as a computer keyboard or mouse, and much more about network devices.

Although having WiFi is something that many tend to show interest in when building a computer or buying it, many tend to forget which router or modem to buy. Often they just wonder about the potency of it and forget about the rest.

The latter can lead to several problems where the person can find himself in the uncomfortable scenario of not knowing anything about the router.

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If you have come to find a router stored in your house and you want to configure it to take full advantage of it but you have no idea of ​​the brand or model of it, this can bring you some problems when looking for a suitable driver or at least to be able to have more details of it if you need them for any reason. In addition, it is important that you know if you have your modem updated so that it can have better performance.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any of these problems, then we will talk a little about how you can find out the brand and model of your router without too many complications.

Finding out the model of your router

The market for routers is quite large, and manufacturers can vary greatly if it is a router that you obtained from your telephone service provider. When this happens, or you find an old router that you want to use, you may be a bit confused to know the make or model of it.

And to be able to find out, you have a couple of methods that you can try to obtain the necessary information, the first method being the inspection of the external casing of the router.

Just by looking at the router a little, you can see the brand of it, as well as the model, which you can differentiate since many manufacturers label them under the router. But sometimes the scenario can occur where there is no label containing this information.

If this happens, then you have to go to your computer and enter the network that the router emits to see all the details of the specific model, and this can be a bit more complicated if you do not have the previous information.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes it is not a good idea to use a driver identification software, since although the drivers may work, it may not tell you the real name of the router and the model of the router.

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Accessing the router’s network

Accessing a router’s network is quite simple, you just have to put the gateway address in your browser. This address can be obtained by opening a command prompt window, and typing “ipconfig “.

Once you have entered this address in your browser, you will be asked for a username and password, and depending on the router these may vary. You can try putting “admin” in both fields or playing with the words root or admin in the user, and in the password you can not put a password, as well as putting admin, 1234, password or root, which will depend on the model.

And, once you have accessed, you will be able to see in the information, everything you need to know about your router in a matter of seconds.

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