How to know or identify the color code of an image online without programs

For designers, identifying the colors in an image is a necessity in many visual and aesthetic projects. The colors are identified by codes, so that computers and programs can process and identify them correctly.

However, this is a virtual language, not human, so we may not know how to replicate colors. That is why it is necessary to find tools that allow you to do this easily and quickly to use the identified colors.

Stay with us so that you can learn about some online tools to identify colors without having to download programs on your computer.

Online tools to identify colors within an image

One of the basic concepts for designers is to know about RGB and CMYK code colors . This is essential when making any design, knowing the properties of each color and its use in images.

These codes are used mainly for color palettes in professional image design and visual content programs. One particular function related to this is to import the color palette into Photoshop , for additional elements.

Next, we will mention some of the most used and well-known tools throughout the Internet to identify image colors.


PineTools is the most visited website by Internet users to identify image colors and their codes. With this tool, up to 64 colors can be identified within the same image, depending on the palette it contains.


This page allows the user to use a kind of magnifying glass on the image to select the precise color on it. The system will identify the color and place the exact code of it, as it is registered on the platform or page.

colored strips


Like the previous page, you can select the color in the image that you want to identify. It does not contain a magnifying glass to maximize, but it allows easy copying of color codes for quick identification transfer.

Adobe Color

This page is one of the best in its area, because it establishes the basic identification of the pallet it detects. The user can drag the dashes in the image to find out about other colors that interest him, modifying the palette.

hunter color

This page is not as sophisticated as the others, and its operation is much simpler than the others mentioned. It only establishes and identifies a basic color palette that detects when the image is loaded onto the platform.

Functions of the color palettes and identification codes

A color palette works to organize colors according to the hues they contain, and can vary by purpose. In Paint, for example, there are default color palettes, which you can edit and also invert colors with ease.

The basic colors in a color palette are yellow, blue, and red, also known as primary colors. The rest of the color classification with the different shades and the other combinations thereof starts from them.

The color code is a purely digital function, for understanding between computers and all virtual programs. In electronics there is also a color coding system to identify the capacity of resistors and capacitors.

color palette

There are theoretical foundations for the classification of colors, which allows organizing them according to different characteristics that support color palettes. One of them, which we mentioned earlier, is the well-known RGB or RVA in Spanish, and the CMY or CMA, translated.

It also depends on the system that is reproducing the color, such as HTML, VGA, or X11 Color encoding . These are different methods of coding a color that is named with the same code for all these certain systems.

It is also possible that the colors can be called or named differently, through these mentioned systems. An example is Silver for HTML or VGA, which is considered Gray for X11 Colors.

In the field of design and art, knowing about these forms of coding is essential to create. Knowing these methods, we can design on any platform and system without obstacles that prevent us from working.

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