How to know if someone is connected to my Wifi and block it – Detect Wifi intruders

Find out who is connected to your Wifi

The first thing you should do is open any page, in your preferred browser ; you proceed to write the IP address of your router or your modem; but you may be wondering where can I find that IP address ?

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Well, you should look at the back of the modem or router, you will find a label with a barcode; It is usually found in the part of default access, or equipment access data, with the link that begins with http.

When you find the address, you copy it in the browser and when you open that link, it will direct you to the router or modem brand page and then it will ask you for the username and password, which is on the same label with the name of login and password.

After you log in, it directs you to the password configuration; but you must enter the link and tab that says advanced, where you can see the other people who are using your Wifi.

Then go to the tab of DHCP client list , when you open that tab will show a list of all devices connected to your modem or router; It will describe the name, IP address and MAC code of the device.

So when you find that list and you see that there are more devices of the account that are connected, or one that seems suspicious, what to do? Well, you can block it ; Here’s how you can do it.

Block unwanted devices on your Wifi

Do not complicate yourself in thinking how you will do it, it is easy and fast ; You have to select the Mac code and press right click and copy, if it does not allow you to copy in this way, you can do it by pressing the ctrl + C keys .

Once copied we go to the tab that says wireless, then in the section that says access Control, when you enter an option will appear where the name of your Wifi network is found, and the other mac address filter , which is generally disabled, the we are going to activate to be able to filter and block the device.

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At the bottom they ask you to enter the MAC address, which is a unique 48-bit identifier to identify all network devices; After you put the code that you have copied before, you give it to add, and to finish the process we give it ok .

And the device would already be locked; When the person activates the Wifi, he will not allow access, even if he sets the password again, he will get a message of access to the network denied: Connection error . So in this easy and practical way you can raise the intensity of your precious internet again and surf calmly, as you did before.

You no longer have to worry about some devices infiltrating your Wifi network; discover how, easily, quickly and without the need for an application, you can see who is taking the internet away from you. And in this way you will considerably improve the speed of your internet , so you can browse without any problem.

And best of all, how you can block access to your WiFi network permanently and with a few steps that you can do yourself without having to seek much help. If you liked this article or have any suggestions, feel free to leave us your comments at the bottom of the page.

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