How to know if my phone or chip is tapped | Know if they watch me or spy on me

It is possible to find out if they are spying on you using some codes. For this you do not need to install an application, you only need the phone calls app that is included in all mobile devices. Keep reading and you will know how to do it.

Codes to discover if they are spying on you

Today with technological advances you can try to spy on your cell phone, so we encourage you to prevent your cell phone from recording your conversations only through Android. To find out if they are spying on you or monitoring you, enter the following codes on your mobile device:

  • * 73 and press call. It will present you with the option to disable call forwarding.
  • * # 21 # and you press the call button. With this code you can find out if you have call forwarding enabled or text messages or other data enabled. The normal thing is that everything appears to you as “not deviant”. If, on the other hand, a number appears, it means that someone is spying on you. For example: if the ¨voice¨ option has a diversion, it could be that if someone calls you and you do not answer the voice message it will go to the voice mailbox of another phone, and the text messages will not reach you but to another number.
  • * # 62 # and press the call key. You will see a number that can mean two things: 1) the number is from the voice box of a telephone provider or 2) they are spying on you. To clear up any doubts, you should call that number and confirm your suspicions.
  • * # 06 #. This code is used to know your IMEI number, this is unique and assigned to each device. If you lose it, and someone else has access to it, they can clone your mobile device and use the information irresponsibly.

Code to eliminate whoever intervenes your phone or chip

How can you go about eliminating a wiretap? Too easy. You must write the following code: ## 002 # and call. You will delete the number that has been diverting your calls, that is, you will deprive the spy of access to your calls and text messages.

they spy on my cell phone

Next we will explain to you how it is possible that by means of a phone call they track you.

Four codes are required:

  1. MCC: country or region code.
  2. LAC: universal location area code.
  3. MINC: code of your mobile provider.
  4. CELLID: unique code for each cell phone.

Of these four codes, which are used for tracking, the first three can be obtained by anyone. The spies enter the cellidfinder.com page, enter your mentioned codes and that’s it. They will already have access to all the information they need. The way they could access these codes, most of the time is when you lend your cell phone to strangers. To prevent this from happening, you can put a lock and password on all the applications on your phone so that whoever is spying will not be able to access your personal data.

If someone you don’t even know is spying on you, they may be using an app from the Play Store: G-NetTrack Lite. This app was created with the purpose of helping you in case you get lost, but it could be used in this other way as well.

You should know that through the apps you download on your phone, it is possible that they spy on you or track you. To avoid this, follow the tips below. Suppose you have an iPhone. Go to Settings / Privacy and check the applications that you have downloaded in the options. It is recommended not to give your location data unnecessarily to any app. Take into account the following:

  • Ideally, you should delete the apps that you consider do not need access to the functions you have on your device, such as a microphone or Bluetooth.
  • Do not have applications to have them, if you do not use them, delete them.
  • Install applications only from official stores in the case of iOS in the App Store, and in the case of Android, from the Play Store.
  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) when you have problems connecting to a public Wi-Fi network .

intervening cell phone

It is important that you do not give your personal data over the phone, it is best to do it personally. Do not talk about anything serious, or compromising, on your cell phone and finally, do not lend your mobile device to anyone, unless it is trusted. These preventive methods are the safest that exist and are within your reach. Don’t expose your privacy.

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