How to know if my mobile phone has been hacked and how to avoid it – Codes to know if your mobile phone has been hacked

Having your mobile phone hacked is a very serious matter and requires taking quick actions, since it can represent danger such as phishing or bank fraud . The point is that, before starting to take action, you must be sure that your mobile has been intervened. That is why today we are preparing for you the topic How to know if the mobile phone has been hacked and how to avoid it.

How can we know if my mobile phone has been hacked and how to avoid it?

Mobile overheating

If you notice that your mobile has been excessively hot in recent days, it can be a strong indication that it has been hacked. This is because, when there is a type of malware running all the time in the background on your device, it causes the mobile processor to work at full power, causing the device to overheat.

So if your mobile has started to heat up out of the ordinary from one moment to another after installing a certain app of questionable origin or has just started to heat up suddenly, it is very possible that you have been hacked, so to avoid this, try not to download apps of dubious origin.

Sudden appearance of ads

If unexpectedly after unlocking your mobile you get ads or receive notifications with advertising, there is a very high probability that you have a serious case of an Ardware virus.

person see danger virus mobile screen

The most effective way to get rid of this problem promptly is to eliminate the Adware virus , which you can do by uninstalling the app where it is stored, which could be a flashlight app, RAM memory optimizer, utility app or to Adults.

Mobile malfunction and battery drain

If you notice that there is a malfunction of the mobile and the battery runs out in less time than usual, it may be that in the same way, as the processor of the mobile works faster than usual as a result of malware, more battery is used in the mobile. It is also possible that you notice that in the same way your mobile data is depleted faster than usual, it can be an indication that you have been hacked.

Although a mobile malfunction, battery and data drain can be caused by other reasons, it is a good idea not to highlight the possibility that you have been hacked.

Presence of apps that you have not installed

When checking your mobile, have you come across apps that you don’t remember having installed ? Be careful with these, as it may be possible that malware is attacking you and filling your mobile with unknown apps.

Make sure that you have not really installed it by checking the history of apps that you have downloaded, also if trying to eliminate a certain unknown app you are not allowed to do so, this may be the work of malware.

Although you must remember that certain applications that come by default on your mobile cannot be deleted, but it does not mean that they are malware; On the other hand, you must be very careful with APK files, they are very useful at times, but they can be just as dangerous.

Codes to know if your mobile has been hacked

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of Internet users, today at least three universal codes are known that allow you to know if your mobile has been hacked, in order to start acting to solve this. The first recommended code is ## 002 #, which is useful to deactivate call forwarding, in case you think that your calls are being intercepted and redirected to another mobile, type this code on your mobile and you will activate this option.

screen alert danger mobile attack hacker

Another code is * # 62 #, this is a useful code if those who have tried to call your mobile mention that it is out of service or does not answer, so using this code you will be able to know where messages, calls and data from your cellphone.

On the other hand, a last recommended code * # 21 # is similar to the previous one, with the difference that it will indicate if messages, calls and even faxes are being diverted, showing you if any service is really being diverted.

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