How to know how many megabytes of internet I have on my modem and the connection speed

The megabytes in the Internet connection and its conversion

Today’s Internet speeds, at least the common ones, are counted in megabits, a term not to be confused with megabytes. Therefore, when you hire an Internet speed service, keep in mind that they will give you the figure in megabits.

On the other hand, you will notice that the speed shown when downloading a file is not equal to megabits. But you can estimate your speed in megabits by doing a simple math operation. First of all, keep in mind that 1024 kilobits are equivalent to 1 megabit, therefore, if your Internet connection is 10 MB (megabits), in total we are talking about 10240 kilobits.

The only thing you will have to do to change megabit to megabytes is to divide the figure in kilobytes, for example, the 10 MB (10240) by 8. That is, “10240/8”, with which you will get the download speed in kilobytes ( 1280), then you must divide this by 1024 (1280/1024), obtaining the download speed per second in megabytes, which in this case would be 1.25 megabytes.

modem connection speed

Taking this information into account will be useful to know the real download speed of your connection after using the methods shown below.

What is the method to know how many megabytes and the internet speed my modem has?

Before starting with the different methods to see your Internet speed, it is important that you only connect the device with which you will be doing the tests. If you have several devices connected that consume the service, you will not see reliable results in relation to the Internet speed of your modem.

See internet speed

Undoubtedly the easiest way to verify the Internet speed of your connection is using a page that tells you. There are many pages with which you can carry out this process, this time we present Fast.com, a very easy to use website that will show you the information directly.

Just enter their website and it will directly begin to evaluate your connection speed. After doing the analysis , your Internet connection speed will be displayed on the screen , after which you can compare it with your contracted plan.

There is also the possibility to display the internet speed on the taskbar using NetSpeedMonitor , but this requires extra software. In addition, there is another method with which nothing needs to be installed.

Using the task manager

If you don’t want to download any programs and observe the net download speed that your modem can reach, you can use the Windows task manager. The Windows task manager has a very useful function to see the internet speed.

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In fact, the task manager can be even more efficient than other systems, as it shows all the processes that consume the Internet. In this way, if there are several programs that are using the Internet connection, you will be able to see it and it would only be a matter of adding the values ​​that appear.

To do this, the first thing you should do is open the Windows task manager, which is done with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Pressing this key combination will display a configuration screen, select “Task Manager”.

Now, just download or open videos / pages in order to occupy all the connection speed. Go to the processes section and locate the “Network” section, here it should show the programs that consume the Internet along with the speed. Just add all the values ​​and you will arrive at your total speed. Keep in mind, that you can also see this information in “Performance”, something that is even easier.

If for some reason you notice that the speed is bad, keep in mind that there are several methods to increase the internet speed in Windows 10 . Undoubtedly this can be useful if you have network problems.

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