How to know how long to charge my new Notebook – Tips and care

Computers are tools that have helped society a lot, these, like other artifacts created by man, have had a very significant evolution, going from being immense and with irregular temperatures to being computers with a modern, sophisticated design, of a size much more comfortable and with electronic components capable of enhancing our equipment to another level.

Currently there are computers designed and focused on different types of tasks and functions, this is positive since it helps the user who wants to have a computer specialized in this section, be it the gaming section, editing work, programming, etc. In addition to not only having desktop computers but also laptops, these are called laptops, of which there are also different types.

Notebook, a branch of laptops.

Within the classification of laptops we can find the Netbook, Ultrabook and among those the Notebooks, this is a type of laptop focused in a central way, that is, it is a laptop that can serve you in a general way in many things, its main function is to serve the user to perform many general tasks.

new notebook battery charge

These Notebooks can help university students to handle programs such as Autocad, in the same way to workers focused on the design section with their image and video editing programs, Notebooks generally have excellent components such as a good processor and good connection ports, including the HDMI that allows us to connect an external monitor to our Notebook.

The difference that makes Notebooks notable to the rest of the other laptops is their size, specifically their screen size, this makes them much more portable and lighter, this added to the fact that the rest of the Notebook is also smaller, among these its keyboard. that comes with the new Fn key, we can activate it, in the same way we can configure the Notebook keyboard to our liking.

How to charge my new Notebook the first time

If you are a person who is interested in the world of computers and technology, it is very common that when you go to make the purchase of your first Notebook you have certain doubts, which brand is the best for me? Are the specifications what I need? How long should I let it charge the first time? Do not worry, we will explain how to use a notebook charge:

  • Regarding the brand, it is up to the buyer, among so many brands, Lenovo also offers quality Notebooks, also after having bought the Notebook and having it in our hands the first thing is to turn it on, here we will see if it is already loaded or if the opposite must be charged, depending on our case we will act.

Notebook battery

Battery calibration

  • If the Notebook is already loaded, we will use it in a normal way testing each of its functions, so we will know and see how our new Notebook behaves.
  • When it has around 20% or less battery, some recommend connecting it immediately, others letting it discharge completely, this second option would be good to try, so we will know in advance how long it lasts from 100% until it is completely downloaded.
  • After having let it discharge up to 2% or 1%, we will connect it and see how it behaves, Notebooks generally come with a Lithium battery, a new battery that is much more resistant and has a longer useful life than previous batteries. .

Loading time

  • Having connected it to the battery icon we can see how much is the estimated time until it fully charges, in such a way we can guide ourselves in this time and see how long it takes to charge, the common is around 2 hours approximately.
  • If we have the need to use our Notebook while this charge there is no problem, if on the contrary it is not necessary, we can turn it off and around the estimated time we disconnect it, turn it on and see how the battery is, we can also test configurations such as using our Notebook normally or in power saving mode for longer life.

notebook just turned on first load

What other care should I implement for my new Notebook?

In addition to how to charge the battery, we can recommend that from time to time you do maintenance and cleaning of the files you have in your Notebook, so you do not overfill your hard drive with unnecessary files and in addition to this, an antivirus in case of any malicious files attack our Notebook.

How to increase the battery life of my Notebook

Currently, devices such as Laptops and Notebooks are highly used by everyone, as they are incredible tools when it comes to working, studying, designing, playing, etc. As you know, most of them, if not all of them, work by means of a battery, which is rechargeable, of course, the same as that of the telephones, but in general, with much more power.

These batteries, like the vast majority, have a useful life, because they are equipment that begins to deteriorate over time, it is inevitable, but we can always do our best to extend the useful life of our batteries a bit, following the verbatim certain tips, we can get to increase your life even by 50% more, which is enough.

Battery device

Battery degradation

Battery degradation is something totally unavoidable, since these batteries are usually lithium-ion, which makes them quite powerful, but, as we mentioned before, with a useful life, since of course, they have not invented that yet. battery or ‘Perpetual’ power system. Luckily, as we mentioned earlier, battery degradation can be avoided in a number of ways, some like:

  • It is important that you know that temperature plays a very important role in the life of your device, and above all, in the life of its battery, that is why it is necessary that you do not expose your Notebook to a lot of heat, but neither very cold. It is always recommended that these are in a shady environment, without direct contact with the sun. In general, there are devices such as the ‘Cooler’, which allow you to refresh the system of your laptop or Notebook.
  • It is recommended that you pay special attention to the life of your battery, but with figures, what does this mean? There are applications to monitor the life of your battery and know its status. There are even systems that bring this option as a default, like Windows 10, for example. To access this, you will only have to display the start bar and select the option ‘Windows PoweShell (admin). You will get a blue box, in which you will write: powercfg / batteryreport. And you will proceed to execute by pressing ‘Enter’. Then you will open the path that the file explorer shows, for example: C: \ Users \ Esteban Uzcategui \ battery-report.html. Finally you will scroll down a little, until you find the section “Installed batteries”, there you will see the original capacity (66,690 MwH, example) and the current capacity (62,800 MwH, example).
  • Another important recommendation , you can eliminate the applications that consume a lot of battery, since a new Notebook, by itself can last several years, but by installing applications, we make the battery life decrease little by little. Fortunately, Windows also has a tool to monitor this aspect. We will only have to go to the task manager and there we can see which are the applications that use the most battery, and which are the least.
  • It is evident that every time we charge our battery, we are wearing it down, so if you want to increase its life, try not to use it connected all the time, as well as, let it continue to charge for a long time after it is at 100%. It is important that you also do not allow deep discharges, that is, do not let their battery levels fall below 10%.

Load limit

The charge limit of a battery is something that we must respect, since these batteries work in a way in which, when fully charged, they should not continue to be supplied with energy, since this will only cause them to overexert themselves. Imagine the battery as a cell, the cell being full, it will only overflow its content. That content can be the load, which will strain the battery and therefore shorten its useful life.

Extra batteries

Additional batteries, also known in many places as ‘Power Banks’, are highly used, since they allow most devices, such as Laptops, Notebooks, Mobiles, etc. Charge without the need to be connected to an outlet. They generally work through a USB connection and are a great way to keep your battery charged when you do not have a connector, and thus, not let it reach levels below 20% or 10%

What is the best time to charge my Notebook battery?

Several studies show that there is a battery limit so that it can be used without demanding too much. It is recommended to keep them between 20% and 80%, since if we usually keep it above 80% we will be demanding too much from the lithium ion cells, so the battery will be prone to wear out quickly over time. Now, if you always have it at less than 20%, you will still be forcing it too much, since it is well known that whenever you charge the battery, you are wasting it, and if you charge it from less than 20%, you will demand a lot.

There are applications that are capable of monitoring the charge of your phone, thus stopping its charge at 80%, but if you do not have one of these, we recommend that you be constantly aware of this detail. Yes, you can charge your battery to 100%, but you must pay special attention that it does not last a long time charging 100%. In the same way, you must be aware of when your battery is close to 20% in order to be able to charge it again.

Does the ambient temperature affect the efficiency of the battery?

This is a fairly common question, and the answer is always a resounding yes. The temperature of the environment tends to directly affect the operation of our devices, especially the batteries. It is well known that a battery tends to wear out extremely quickly if it is exposed to prolonged periods of heat. It is highly recommended that you use a ‘Cooler’ or that you simply use your equipment in cool spaces, with shade and without direct contact with the sun.

As we make clear throughout the article, batteries have a useful life and it is not possible to stop this process, but if you can delay it, that is why we strongly recommend that you follow all the tips read above, so that both the battery , like your Notebook or laptop, have optimal operation.

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