How to install Google Chrome and any App on a Sony Smart TV with Android TV

In fact, a few years ago this brand included the Android operating system for its computers, through which it has the Play Store and the possibility of accessing Google Apps without problem.

The first thing to do is verify that you actually have the Android TV, if so, you just have to follow the following guide.

How do I get the Google Chrome?

Although it has been mentioned that these devices come with the Android Store by default, in reality, Chrome cannot be installed by this means on Sony Smart TVs. Before proceeding to download everything you want, make sure you are previously connected to the Wi-Fi network

Why? Well, because it is not available within the applications presented for Android TV, however, do not let this stop you.

In order to have this practical browser, it will only be necessary to download it from Google Play, but externally with a search engine on a computer.

But first, it is important to log into the store with the same account that is associated with the Sony brand Android TV where it will work.

In this way, the Store is accessed from the computer and, through the search bar, the application “Google Chrome ” is located, to then go to the official page of the browser itself.

This will come from the company “Mountain View “, in case you need to verify before proceeding, which is always recommended.

samsumg tv


The next thing is to click on the green button that marks “Install “, so that the various options of devices linked to the account are exposed.

Of these, the exact equipment that has Android TV will be chosen, also, it will be necessary to press “Install ” again to continue.

At the end of the waiting time and downloading of the program, the TV device can be turned on again, thus it will have been possible to install Google Chrome on Sony Smart TV.

It can be used normally, and although it is not designed for this type of equipment, there should be no problems or errors of development or anything similar.

Another way to have Chrome on Sony Smart TV

If for some reason the above procedure cannot be carried out, there is another methodology to achieve it, but this one is a bit more cumbersome.

If you decide to continue, you will have to download the application in question from a computer. But first, it will be necessary to have two other tools.

These are the “File Commander “, which will be used to install the App. And the “Sideload Launcher “, which is a launcher that will allow you to run the browser without problems.

Now, it is worth clarifying that both applications respect the established permissions, are safe and totally reliable when using them.

After having these Apps on the Android TV, you can proceed to install Chrome on the Sony Smart TV. For which the browser must be downloaded as an APK.

Google Chrome


Then, said file will be uploaded to the Google Drive account synchronized on the smart TV, we recommend placing it in the home or root folder to facilitate the procedure.

Immediately afterwards, the File Commander is executed on the TV, and the session for the Google Drive is started, then the APK of the browser is located.

To do so, click on it, causing the Commander to ask if you want to download it. Pressing “OK ” is the next step.

Now, you choose to “Install ” and accept the relevant permissions to be able to carry out the action from external programs to Google Play.

At the end of the process, Chrome can now be used on Sony Smart TV with Android TV, its operation being totally adequate.

Thanks to technology, today we can do everything we want from our mobile phones, even for something as simple as using them as a remote control for our Smart TV or duplicating its screen in order to see the photo gallery from the Smart TV .

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