How to install and configure a USB microphone to my PC easily

Having a microphone on your computer has many advantages. You may wonder, what will those advantages be? Well, in this era of technological boom, having a microphone makes a lot of difference in several aspects. Even today with the advancement of technology you can configure a USB microphone to your PC.

And is that this is useful in the field of entertainment, a microphone undoubtedly makes a difference. In video games, for example, having a microphone helps group communication and play coordination. There are more relevant aspects where the microphone is an advantage.

If we can correctly connect an external microphone to the iPhone , or connect an external microphone to any Android cell phone or tablet . So the question arises, to have a USB microphone on my PC, do I need to install it, and how can I install and configure it? . Well, here you will discover the answer.

Installing the USB microphone

The USB microphone is different from headphones or earphones with microphones. In this case we are only talking about microphones as such. These are very useful when it comes to doing live broadcasts, conducting online classes, and much more.

The first thing to do is verify that my computer’s sound drivers or drivers are installed. Otherwise we can update the drivers without programs in Windows , using its tools. To verify this, follow these simple steps:

With the right click of the mouse, click on the icon “This Team” and select “Manage”. Automatically, a sale will open and on the left side, we click on “Device Manager”.

So we see if the sound drivers are properly installed. Seeing that everything is fine, we connect the microphone to the USB port. To the place I should recognize it automatically.  But if that is not your case, follow these steps.

With the microphone connected to the PC, enter the control panel and select “Hardware and Sound”, then in the sound section, click on “Manage audio devices”.

Automatically a box will appear with 4 options, we must select the one that says “Record”. We are going well right? Of course yes! These steps are very easy. Now to solve the problem, do the following:

In the record option, several microphone icons will appear. Disable the microphone that you see with a green bar on the side, and enable it again. This usually solves the problems.

options bar to enable and disable usb microphone from my computer

We finally have the USB microphone active! But, next, we will show you how you can configure it to improve its quality and reduce noise.

Set up a USB microphone to my PC

The good audio and quality of the microphone depends largely on the sound card that our computer has. Generally, most people use the default audio inputs.

We will focus on the sound controller that we will use and how to configure it correctly. With this in mind, the recommended standard and general sound driver is “REALTEK HD Audio Driver”.

To configure the sound of our USB microphone we have to go to the recording devices. There we select the “Record” option to see the microphones that we have running.

We double click on the microphone we are using to configure it. A microphone properties window will be displayed, which has different options that allow us to configure the USB microphone; They vary depending on the controller or microphone we have.

Here we can change the name of our microphone and also activate it to hear our own voice when speaking through it, but the most important thing is that we can reduce the external noise of the microphone.

set up a USB microphone to my PC

We focus our attention on the “levels.” The levels basically the microphone will pick up more sound, the higher the level, the more external noise it will pick up. So try to keep your microphone below 50%.

It’s that easy to configure the USB microphone for the best sound quality. Start making your videos, live broadcasts or any other activity that requires the use of a microphone without problems.

Even if you don’t have an external microphone; there are ways to use your mobile as a substitute. You may wonder, how can I use an iPhone or Android cell phone as a microphone on my PC?  Well that’s a topic for another post.

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