How to increase, increase or increase the volume of my Android cell phone in a few steps

In the world of cellular telephony it is a means of communication, one of the most used worldwide by people, bringing with it advantages and disadvantages related to the use of this equipment.

Some of the advantages that we can mention is that they keep us informed of everything that has happened worldwide. Similarly, we have a research tool at hand, as we can do some banking, take our location and time if we require any of these. 

It should be noted that equipment with advanced operating systems comes onto the market every day . An example of this is the Android operating system , which is one of the most used in the world.

In this article we are going to show you how to solve problems with the audio on your Android cell phone. Keep reading to know all the details.

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How to raise, increase or increase the volume of my Android cell phone?

To increase the volume of our cell phone a little more there is an application called Volume, which we can find in the Play Store and it is an application which will make the volume of our cell phone louder. 

Once the application is downloaded, when we open it we will see a box with two lines indicating the first that will be the normal volume of your cell phone and the second is the one that will increase the volume of the device more than normal. The latter must be controlled slowly because it cannot be very loud either, since it can damage the physical components of the audio output system.

A circle will also appear in the aforementioned application which you will press and will display a dialog box where you can increase the volume in a more precise way and without causing any damage to the equipment.

How to increase the volume on my cell phone calls?  

In this case it is not very different from changing the notification sound of the applications . Well, if when we receive a call on our cell phone we are presented with a problem that we hear from the person who calls us very low and distant, we must rule out possible inconveniences.

In this sense, it is necessary to mention that the cell phone has a grid at the top. Due to frequent use, a small crust of dirt comes out, to clean it we can use a needle. Then, we carefully scrape on both sides without applying too much pressure, then with a used toothbrush, we clean the grid again, we can check if that was the problem, which in some cases it is.

What to do if the microphone of my cell phone does not work?

There are several widely used methods to check if the microphone of your cell phone does not work and solve this problem. These are easy-to-use methods for when this type of incident occurs. 

First we must turn off our cellular equipment for 15 minutes, then we turn it on and check if the microphone works correctly. In some cases the problem is solved in this way.

Another way to solve is the following, we have our mobile equipment turned on, we go to menu, settings, configuration then we go to update and accept said request and check updates, after the process we verify if the microphone works correctly. 

Finally, we can give you a solution as follows: We press the shutdown button on the phone and hold it like that for a few seconds, then a dialog box will appear on the screen indicating shutdown, restart and airplane mode. Next, we press restart in safe mode, then accept, once the phone is restarted, it is verified if there was a solution or not.   

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How to recover the sound of my Android cell phone?

In the first place, if we enter the music application and we do not hear anything, it seems that it was a physical hardware problem of the device. But in this case it is software, it does not assimilate the switch signal and it always shows that the headset is connected, the solution would be to change the software to the phone, but the equipment is a bit complicated to do that. 

Therefore, we must avoid changing the complete software, so with the help of some mobile applications we will solve it.

We download an application called HeadSet Toggle from the Play Store, then we open this application, press Play and the sound of your Android cell phone is recovered. As well as these there are other applications to solve these types of difficulties with respect to recovering the sound of the Android cell phone. 

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