How to improve the touchpad sensitivity of my Windows 10 laptop

Laptop designers think of you, as a user who when working at any time and in any place, you will not always have the comfort of using the traditional mouse. So what have they done? “Touchpad” or in Spanish “touch panel”, is another of the great electronic creations made for your comfort when using the laptop outside your home, the touchpad sensitivity can be improved on any laptop with Windows 10.

In most laptops the touch panel has been added to the hardware that you can deactivate while using the mouse , it  is that small rectangular and smooth surface, which makes it easy for you to navigate simply with gentle movements of your fingers, dragging the pointer on the screen; selecting and displaying menus, among many other things.

For these reasons we bring this useful post, so that you can improve and keep the operation of the touchpad on your laptop in good condition, updated with the Windows 10 operating system.

pad sensitivity setting

How to improve the touchpad sensitivity of my Windows 10 laptop

Keeping the “drivers or drivers” updated for the touchpad in Windows 10 is the first thing that guarantees the good sensitivity of the hardware to the touch of your hand.

Usually the drivers are installed automatically, but to be sure, visit the manufacturer’s website, so that you can compare the latest version they have released with the one you have installed; and if there is a newer version than yours, you need to download and install it.

Configure the touch panel settings according to your needs

Although you can simulate the mouse keys, don’t limit yourself to using the touch panel with basic movements and actions: move the pointer from left to right and select objects; Although these actions are very good, you can take better advantage of the touchpad.

Take advantage of adjustments to improve sensitivity

Go to settings> devices> mouse and touchpad. From there you can select from the scrolling speed you want for the pointer, to select a variety of “gestures”, which are like shortcuts, so that with different touches or taps on the touch panel you get different functions that will make your navigation unique.

Good touchpad “gestures”

As we already mentioned, they are shortcuts that when perceiving specific movements execute functions faster than in the common way. Here we will leave you a small list of some gestures that you can perform and that are sometimes more practical than using the mouse itself.

  • To select an object ; tap on the touch panel.
  • To scroll,  with two fingers on the touchpad and scroll vertically or horizontally.
  • To zoom, pinch on the touch pad with two fingers; or spread your fingers to enlarge the image.
  • Emulate right mouse click; tap on the touch panel with two fingers simultaneously.
  • View all open windows; with three fingers on the touchpad, slide it in front of you.
  • Show the desktop; With all three fingers on the touchpad, you should slide them towards you.
  • See the open windows one by one ; With all three fingers on the panel, you have to slide them to the left or right.
  • Run “Cortana” Windows 10 virtual assistant ; press 3 fingers simultaneously on the touch panel.
  • Open activity center; tap with four fingers on the touchpad.
  • Change virtual desktop; place four fingers on the touchpad and slide them left or right.

set the laptop pad to be responsive

Scroll function “Scroll”

This feature refers to using the right side of the touchpad for vertical scrolling, up and down, and the bottom of the touchpad for horizontal scrolling, from left to right, and achieving incredible precision when selecting those minute objects on your screen that sometimes under the pressure of work they are difficult to pin down, you can deactivate the scroll whenever you like.

Simply slide your finger from top to bottom or vice versa and it will simulate the little wheel that comes on some mice. Remember that you can ask us questions or suggestions, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. We will see you in our next post.

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