How to hide the signal of my WiFi network so that my internet does not get stolen?

What you should know

Router or router. It is a computer that does not have a direct connection to the telephone line, so it does not decipher the internet signal, it is responsible for expanding the signal, directing the data to networked devices, sharing the same network. Even cell phones can be used as a Wi-Fi router to share the internet . Wireless. Wireless It refers to communications that do not need a physical medium, such as cables.

laptop with blurry weak wifi signal

How to hide the signal of your WiFi network

First we will copy the parameters or data found in the router. Specifically an internet address with your username and password. This information is usually found on the back (bottom) of the equipment on a label. For more ease you can take a photo of it.

  • You will open the browser of your choice.
  • In the address bar you are going to write the data to access the IP of the router, it can be in number or http: // address. For example, if the device is from tp-link, the label will show http://tplinklogin.net, when you press the enter key, a window will appear asking for your username and password.
  • In these fields you will write the data provided by the router label. For example, in tp-link it is usually: Username: admin and password: admin.
  • If you cannot enter because it reflects an incorrect username or password, this is because you had previously assigned your own password and username. If it was a long time ago and you don’t remember it, don’t worry there is a solution ..! On the back of the router there is a discreet button that says Reset, you will press it for 5 seconds while it is on. Now if you can put the default data.
  • When entering the tp-link interface, select Wireless and then Wireless Settings (we will modify the configuration of the wireless signal).
  • Uncheck the box that says Enabled SSID Broadcast (Here you are disabling the visibility of the signal, making it invisible).
  • To validate the changes, press save or save. It will reflect red letters explaining that it is necessary to restart the computer to activate the changes and at the end it tells you to touch the link that they indicate. And then you click on Reboot. Wait a few seconds … and voila ..!

Extra bonus- protect your Wi-Fi network.

series of codes in the background and on the front closed padlocks and the wifi signal

At this point, your network is invisible to neighbors and everyone. You can do the test and use any device and try to find your WiFi, if you know the name of your network you will be surprised that it no longer appears in the list of possible signals … and if it does appear it will indicate out of range.

Suppose your neighbor can no longer see your signal, but knows your network name and password. No problem … Repeat the steps to enter the router’s IP again.

  • Inside go to Wireless Security
  • Check the WPA / WPA2 box
  • In password enter your password. (Remember to put the key that is difficult to decipher between 8 to 63 characters as indicated and that you cannot forget.)
  • Press the save or save button and then they will indicate the button to restart, validating the changes, wait a few seconds and that’s it!

You already have your WiFi network shielded against intruders and invisible. For the explanation we take the tp-link interface as a reference, it has many advantages to configure it and increase your wireless network , in other equipment the parameters may vary a little … We advise you, if this is your case, to be guided by terms such as wireless, yes not seen with the naked eye can be found within the advanced tab . We hope it has been very useful and you can sleep peacefully. If you want to share your experience, write us ..!

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