How to hide my IP address when browsing the Internet so as not to be tracked?

Our identity may be revealed when we use internet services through a digital ID called IP. Similarly, we must be cautious when allowing anyone to identify them because they can cause us serious problems. How can we hide our IP address when browsing the internet so as not to be traced? We will answer this question in this post. We invite you to continue reading it.

Hiding our IP address when browsing gives us protection and security

One of the main reasons we have to hide our IP is for privacy reasons. If we open the possibility to third parties to track us, they will use our geographical location to bombard us with unwanted advertising. On top of this, we may experience blockages on some pages since certain platforms are not available in certain territories.

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By hiding our IP address we can have a safer browsing experience, without the interference of external agents that steal our data, internet provider, etc. To hide the IP there are some options that are safer than others, it is up to the user to know which of them to use and the measures that he will take so that it is not tracked.

Proxy Servers: A facade that hides our IP

These platforms ensure that our IP is not registered when browsing the web. Although the connection that we establish with a proxy server is not encrypted (something that makes it lose security), it allows us to hide our digital identity on the internet. Thanks to it we can access blocked pages, which makes it quite flexible and secure to preserve our anonymity.

The virtual private network (VPN)

It is one of the safest and most reliable ways so that our identity is not tracked on the network. In addition to keeping our IP address hidden, it also allows us to go unnoticed when we send messages, when doing any activity on the internet, among other things.

The greatest advantage that VPNs offer us is that they encrypt all content so that no one can watch what we do. Although there are services that are free, it is better to choose the ones that are paid.

A software that is like a shield to hide the IP address when browsing, this is Tor

Tor is open source software whose main objective is not to let the information emitted by a user be traced and that they can be identified on the network. This makes it a very useful tool for us to have a certain degree of privacy. It offers us protection against certain programs that try to violate or track access to certain types of content, and for this reason it is widely accepted today.

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Some people have also chosen to use a public WiFi network to hide their IP. It could be easy to hide in the midst of hundreds of users connected to a public service every day. However, it is risky to navigate in these latitudes in view of the fragility of security that these platforms have. Even our geographic location is exposed by joining this network.

The reality is that we must be careful when using internet services. Through this post we have shown you how we can hide our IP address when browsing the internet to avoid being tracked. We hope that this information will be of great help to you and that you can walk on the web in a private and secure way. We would love to know your opinion of what you have read, so do not leave without writing to us.

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