How to fix ‘USB Device Over Current Detected’: Step Guide

Computers are technological gadgets that humans depend on on a daily basis. This is evidenced in that there are a large number of daily processes that we leave in confidence of the computers. That means that if these do not work or are not available, our lifestyle is affected.

If your computer has started to give errors, you will realize how frustrating it is. Especially if it tells you that you have a problem that you don’t know how to fix. USBs are important computer connectors, because in these you can learn to save information from your PC through memories . If you have an overvoltage in these, we will show you the things you can do to fix it.

What is a USB port?

USB ports are terminals that communicate various types of technologies that help the computer to perform all the daily tasks that it does for us. For example, many people have learned to install programs on their USB PenDrives in order to save disk space.

The speeds at which they transfer information can be very varied, since USB cables can come with a bandwidth that goes from 1.5 Bits to 10,000 Bits. 

The acronym USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. This is because the equipment always classifies all peripheral inputs as Bus inputs, since these cables have wide heads and are very easy to recognize. This cable cannot be connected to a phone, or at least not in a traditional way. That is why many people always learn how to connect a USB memory to an Android mobile.

It is important that you know that this technology was developed in the 90s, and its importance lies in the fact that they not only work to transmit information, but also serve to distribute electrical energy. This is evident when you connect your mouse, because you can see how it turns on when it receives power from the USB.

When the USB receives more power than it needs, it can cause a serious problem for the computer, because in addition to compromising the port, it compromises the peripherals that are connected to it.

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What is the ‘USB Device Over Current Detected’ problem?

This is a really rare problem, as its causes are very specific and can be quickly fixed. The way in which this error message is shown to you is in the worst way, because it shows it to you when you turn on the equipment, and it shows you a countdown as if something was going to explode.

To your relief, nothing is going to burst or explode. It will only show you this news and after the countdown, the PC will try to turn on normally. However, you have to take into account that this USB with overload may not work, so you must know how to know if the USB works correctly in Windows.

This problem can be caused by two reasons, the first is that your motherboard is misconfigured, and it may be sending more current than is needed to a port. However, the other reason this may be happening is that your motherboard’s battery is overloaded and needs replacement.

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How do I fix the ‘USB Device Over Current Detected’ problem?

This is very easy, and regardless of what the cause is, the solution is always very fast as you don’t need to be an expert to fix a USB port. It is very important that you unplug the PC from the wall.

First of all, you need to know exactly which USB port is causing problems. Sometimes, if you get rid of this problem, you will realize that the port is failing, as it does not detect if you connect a peripheral. In case all are detected, you will have to open your computer and access the motherboard.

Once you are there, you will have to locate two things, the position of the lithium battery that is put on the card and the cables that are directly connected to the Ports. As your computer will not start until the USB is disconnected, you should try each one until you can find the one that is damaged, and when it is disconnected, you will realize that your PC can start normally.

Reasons for the ‘USB Device over current Detected’ error

One of the reasons why this error can occur in our device is because it is possible that more current than they really need to reach the USB ports. This causes a power overload and generates this error that has become so recurrent and annoying.

Causes for which it appears

Most likely, this problem occurs because the battery on the motherboard is dead. It is for this reason that our device must be constantly maintained. To in one way or another avoid major damage to our equipment. Always remember that a team in optimal operation generates good results. And so you will allow this to be your accomplice when carrying out any necessary task.

How and why to change the battery of the motherboard of my PC

First of all, it is necessary to remove the cover of our PC by removing the screws it contains. The next step is to locate the battery on our motherboard. Usually we can observe with the naked eye near the extractor. But if not, you can check the instruction manual of your PC for better indications.

In the first few pages of the manual you will usually find an outline explaining their location. An important recommendation is not to touch the pieces directly by hand. Since we can discharge static electricity from our body and generate major breakdowns in the device. It is better to work with metal clamps for greater safety.

Later we must discharge the static electricity. To remove the battery it is necessary to press the metal clip that composes it with the tweezers. To change it we carry out the same procedure. We install the new battery and press the clips to keep it in place.

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Browse and change the USB ports of my computer – How to do it

The first thing we must show is the sound when connecting a device to our PC. This is one way to see if the USB ports are failing. To do this we must click on my computer, and then on device manager. If there is a problem here, an alert will appear in this panel.

For this case we only have to uninstall all the devices that we already have installed. And install them again a few minutes later. Regarding the change of ports, it is advisable to take our equipment to a technician since this could lead to lethal consequences if we do not do it in the correct way.

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