How to fix the screen of my cell phone if it does not turn on or give image

Accidents happen but one of the worst would be that your cell phone does not turn on or does not turn on the image, today our cell phone is everything, we live glued to our cell phone morning, afternoon and night.

Every day we use our cell phone with which we work, study and communicate. We live in the technological age where each individual has a cell phone.

 But problems often occur with our devices, whether they are accidents or mishandling them, but do not worry for everything there is a solution and if there is not, I recommend that you buy a new device but first give it a second chance to revive the one you have. .

Later we will give you several solutions to fix the problem of your cell phone, whether your cell phone screen does not turn on or your screen does not show any image and is completely black. Problems that are scary but don’t worry are easy to solve.

How to fix my cell phone screen after a crash?

If your phone for some reason receives a blow and now it does not give an image, we must first check if the device has super amoled or amoled technology, that is, a screen that has an LED strip at the bottom of the screen.

 By having a led strip at the bottom of the screen, the best thing would be to buy a new mobile device when your cell phone does not turn on or does not give an image. Don’t spend money sending it to a cell phone technician, buy a new one.

But if in the case that it does not have the amoled technology, it is much more likely to solve it by uncovering it and connecting the screen again or a simple reset. And in this way you are giving your cell phone a second chance and you save money by not buying a new one.

What to do in case your cell phone does not turn on or does not turn on the image?

In case you have an android cell phone and the screen is black but the cell phone is still on. This problem occurs a lot in android cell phones because the cell phone stays in hibernation mode.

The winterization mode is nothing more than a power saver and many times the screen does not wake up going black when it comes to turning on. It is always sought that our battery is eternal, so that we do not drop our cell phone at any time, there is an energy saving mode. 

fix my cell phone screen does not turn on

It is a very common problem and easy to solve, you must first perform a forced restart, that is, pressing the power button and the volume button down both at the same time.

 In other newer cell phones we must press three buttons at the same time, the power button and the volume increase and decrease buttons. We press these buttons for approximately 5 seconds and the cell phone will automatically turn on.

5 things you do wrong with your cell phone

The first point that you are doing wrong with your cell phone is not to properly uninstall the applications, you must go to applications, uninstall them and thus you get them to be completely deleted, and you will avoid filling your storage. 

cell phone does not give an image or turn on the screen

Second, take the cell phone to the bathroom, these devices are not prepared for the humidity generated by the water vapor when you take the shower, all the steam goes into your equipment.

So I advise you that if you are one of those who take your cell phone to the bathroom to listen to music when you shower, don’t do it anymore. Third, leaving it in high temperatures, this greatly affects the life of the battery . Try to place your cell phone in places where it does not receive direct sun for greater care.

 Fourth, use generic products, that is, use unofficial accessories of our cell phone as a charger. This damages our device and immediately ends the battery of our cell phone, although what we always want is to save the battery and make it work properly without overheating it.

 Finally, the fifth is not to restart or turn off your cell phone correctly, it is appropriate to restart it every 15 days, not daily. With this you help the useful life of your device, to work more quickly and efficiently, preventing your mobile from downloading too quickly.

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