How to fix the problem of my DVR that turns off when connecting the hard disk

For example, if your DVR shuts down or reboots on its own; it is a sign that it can damage your entire CCTV security system. Many users have problems like the DVR rebooting automatically or frequently stops working, after booting up for a few minutes.

In this post we are going to be punctual in teaching you how to correct the problem of your DVR when it shuts down when connecting the hard disk. Because we know a lot about the subject and also because it is the most frequent problem that happens to your “Closed Circuit Television”.

disassembling a DVR

Why does my DVR turn off when I connect the hard drive?

“Digital Video Recorder” or in Spanish “digital video recorder”, is an electronic device that records videos in digital format on a disk drive . Unfortunately, a DVR that shuts down is a common problem in CCTV systems, requiring your attention immediately.

Fix my DVR problem if the hard drive is faulty or damaged

This is one of the most common reasons why a DVR frequently shuts down or reboots. DVRs made by various companies will reboot if the hard drive has become damaged or is beginning to deteriorate.

A damaged hard drive will draw more current than necessary and overloading “the motherboard” will cause the entire drive to shut down on its own.

In some cases, the hard drive can damage the motherboard and cause total loss of the DVR. To find out if you have a hard drive problem, unplug the DVR from the electrical outlet and uncover the drive cover.

Locate the hard drives: There are two cables that go from the hard drive to the motherboard, one is the data cable and the other is the power cable. Disconnect the two cables.

Turn on the DVR and check if the unit reboots again. Many DVRs with this fault will shut down every 2 to 5 minutes, in some other cases 30 minutes, however you have to wait and watch if the problem continues or not.

Solutions to fix the problem of DVR turning off when connecting hard drive

If the DVR does not restart or does not turn off, it means that the hard disk is damaged and you must change it. Make sure to purchase a hard drive for CCTV surveillance systems. Normal computer hard drives break down faster because they are not designed to work continuously.

Instead, those classified with CCTV can work 24/7 and last up to 10 years. We suggest: “Surveillance HDD Western Digital PURPLE / SKYHAWK 1TB”.

western digital hard drive with SATA connector

If you have more than one hard drive installed in your recorder, you should unplug them one by one until you find out which one is causing the DVR to randomly reboot. Sometimes a faulty hard drive will make a strange sound. So pay attention to the noises of your records and replace the noisy one.

The DVR regularly does not detect the hard drive

  • If the hard drive is faulty.
  • The Sata cables on the hard drive are damaged.
  • Hard drive cable connections are tight.
  • Incompatibility of Hard Drives with the DVR.

Two last tricks you can do to fix your DVR are:

Remove the battery that has the motherboard and insert it after 1 minute and install the hard disk again.

Format the hard disk, erase everything and leave it as new: “without errors”. Has this article been useful to you? Leave us your comment or suggestion and see you in our next installment.

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