How to extract images and text from a protected PDF document online?

PDF documents are widely used for the virtues it offers. Also, they can be protected so that text and images cannot be copied in common ways. For that, learn to extract images and text from a PDF document protected online.

PDF files work on all operating systems without any modifications or errors, so it is necessary to know in how many versions of the Windows operating system they are fully functional.

Just as all the links can be extracted from a PDF document , it is possible to extract information from a PDF by selecting the text and copying it, that is the same with images. However, when it is protected, other more complex methods will have to be applied. There are even cases in which they cannot be extracted in any way.

Steps to extract images and text from a protected PDF document without special programs

In protected PDF documents it is possible to extract the elements without the need to install any specific program for this task. However, these advanced programs can get the job done in more automated and safe ways.

The content of the document in general is not of relevance, so having converted and saved a grayscale PDF will not be a problem.

Text extraction

To proceed with the extraction of the text, you will simply have to have the Firefox browser installed, which is reliable. If you don’t have it, its installation is very simple and automatic, just go to its page. Once there, download the version that suits the operating system and then install it.

After having installed the browser, you will proceed to look for the PDF file you want to extract. Next, you must right-click on the file and select the option “Open with” to then choose, among the programs, the Firefox browser.


pdf document

If this is not in the list, you should look for the option “examine other programs” and then look for it in the Windows programs directory. When you open the file with the browser, you can select the text and proceed to copy it. It should be noted that in Adobe Acrobat the text can also be selected but it will not be copied, not even with the use of the “Ctrl + C” command .

Image extraction

To proceed with the extraction of the image, two tools can be used, which are the screenshot and clipping. Both are integrated into Windows.

To do it using the “screen capture” it will only be necessary within the document to find the image and position it on the screen. Then generate a screenshot and copy it into the “Paint ” program. This will allow you to modify the parameters of the image and crop it to only save what you want.

In the case of the “Snipping Tool “, just look for it in the Windows program bar and open it. Then select the “New ” option and expand the area where the image is located by dragging with the click pressed. Then this can be copied into a document, saved and resized from the same “snipping tool”.

Steps to extract images and text from a protected PDF document online

These processes can be carried out online through the service provided by some pages. However, it is necessary to upload the file to the page so that it does the process which would generate that page has access to the document.


write pdf document

If this does not present a problem, Investintech’s online tool can be used to extract images and text from a protected PDF document. For this, you must enter the “Investintech ” page, then position the cursor on the “Resources ” tab and click on the “Free Tols” option .

On the next page, you must select the “Free Online PDF to Word” tool and then drag the PDF document to the area where the page indicates. This will take care of converting the file to a fully editable DOC document.

Another page it does is “pdf2go “. When you enter it, you just have to drag the file and click “Start ” and then extract images and text from a protected PDF document.

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