How to extend the life of a pendrive and avoid the loss of information

If you save and transport valuable information on your USB stick, you might feel a bit worried that it will get damaged and you lose your data. That is why this time I come with some recommendations so that you can extend the life of the pendrive.

The flash drives are tools widely used today because of their versatility, performance and price more than acceptable. In one of these storage units you can house a lot of your information and transport it wherever you go. For this reason, you will be interested in preserving the useful life of your pendrive and avoiding an eventual loss of important files.

Recommendations to extend the life of the pendrive

Disconnect the pendrive if you are not using it

Excessive use of the pendrive can be one of the main reasons why it becomes unusable prematurely. Keep in mind that you should not leave it connected to the USB port unnecessarily when you are not using it.

Excessive write operations can waste your USB drive. Unlike hard drives, pendrives do not have a head, but instead write data directly to the cells. These cells have a limited number of overwrites. By leaving the memory connected to the USB port, it will be periodically reviewed by the operating system; performing writing operations that will decrease the useful life of the pendrive unnecessarily.

Do not modify files directly inside the pendrive

Another way to reduce unnecessary write operations is to avoid editing files within the USB memory. Better copy the files you want to modify to the hard disk, and when you finish modifying them copy them back to memory.

If the modifications you are going to make will take some time, it is better to remove the memory and reinsert it when you are finished.

Eject device safely

When you are going to eject the pendrive from the USB port, do not do it simply by removing the device. You must first tell the operating system that you want to stop the device so that it stops reading it. After doing this you can safely remove the USB memory.

Avoid physical damage

Physical damage can be the main reason you spoil your USB stick and lose your valuable information. In addition, the loss of the device is a very latent risk in the pendrives and that occurs very frequently. Losing the USB memory is not unusual, taking into account its size and that we connect it somewhere and we can forget it.

Avoid exposing them to high temperatures, water or humidity, and magnetic fields such as cell phones and other devices. Minimize the risk of physical damage by keeping it in a safe place and always carry it on a key ring or something similar to avoid losing it.

Try to handle them properly, it is a device that is not supposed to withstand excessive pressure or rough treatment. You must be careful when inserting or removing it from the computer’s USB port; try not to touch the contacts directly.

Do not defrag

Flash drives do not require defragmentation. Maybe you are a meticulous user and you think that even if it is not recommended, it is worth defragmenting your drives. But the truth is that if you do, you will be killing your USB memory slowly. This is because defragmentation is a write operation and as such can wear down your drive.

Disable Windows paging file

Paging files are a way to deal with RAM limitations and store memory dumps. As of Windows 10 these have lost relevance, so in certain circumstances you can disable them completely. But if you want to keep them, store them on a hard drive and not on your USB stick. Constant page file writing operations can quickly wear out a USB memory stick.

Back up information from time to time

Even if you are careful with your pendrive, it never hurts to back up your data regularly. There may be ways to recover information from a faulty USB stick, but the healthiest thing to do is to take the necessary precautions to avoid data loss.


Pendrives are becoming cheaper and more affordable, but with a large storage capacity we can store a large amount of information. No one would want to lose all of their valuable information overnight, so you have to take precautions. These have been some tips that can help you extend the life of the pendrive and avoid the partial or total loss of your data.

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