How to enter a saturated or congested web page? – Quick and easy

There are two ways in which you can access these pages, even if they are down. These tricks are used to resuscitate any web page that presents you with some kind of problem and thus speed up your browsing on the web effectively.

Using Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine comprises a digital archive, which has been working without profit for more than two decades, accessing through saved files to different cache versions of multiple web pages.

The Wayback Machine visits a page and saves it in its archive, then repeats this process for several weeks for a couple of weeks or months, so that it will create an archive of the entire Internet. In its header, we can find that the page has already saved more than 286 billion pages.

In order to access a web page which has stopped working, you just have to enter the URL into the search box. The Wayback Machine will search all your stored files and provide you with all the versions found on the web page.

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Using Google

The other way in which you can access a website that is down is by accessing through Google. Like the previous method, this page also performs different types of downloads which you can observe   and maintains copies of them which are indexed, so that if any page falls, you can access its cached version.

In order to access this version, you must search for that page within the Google search engine . In this case, right next to the result, a green arrow should appear which we will click. Once pressed, it will display the “cached ” option . By pressing it, we will access it without any problems.

3 tips to improve the download speed of your device

Focus on server quality

If you have a bad server, it may take a long time for the web page to load. For this reason, it is essential that you achieve a quality server which facilitates various processes.

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Use the web page compressor

When your computer begins to compress your files as Zip, the size of these files is usually reduced, which is why it is quite common for people to be recommended to compress various files that they download directly from the web.

An excellent way to do this is by using Gzip, which works on all files found within a web page. Once you have installed Gzip, all those files that are downloaded from a website this program will automatically compress them, thereby saving a lot on your device.

Proceed to optimize the images

When you proceed to design a web page, it is important that you indicate to your browser what will be the dimensions that your images will have. Otherwise, the page will mainly build the text and ultimately upload the images.

If, on the other hand, you start this whole process with the specification of the dimensions of these images, the browser will know what its main task is and will shape the page in a more correct way.

With all these elements, you will be able to access any web page without having to spend hours in front of the PC without knowing what to do.

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