How to enhance your photos with the Windows 10 Photos app

If you have taken pictures with your cell phone whose quality is not what you expected, you can always improve these images using a photo editor. Even if you have no knowledge of the subject, you can still achieve improvements using the Photos application in Windows 10.

With a mid-range or high-end smartphone you have a good camera at your disposal, and today they are almost as good as DSLR cameras. This means that you can take photos at an almost professional level. However, the downside is that the average person doesn’t know much about lighting or composition when it comes to taking good photos.

A simple little trick that you can use is to enhance the colors in your images. Of course, you shouldn’t do this manually, but you can enhance images using Windows 10’s Photos app, in just a few clicks.

Enhance images with the Photos app

The Photos app has quite a few cool editing options. When it switches to edit mode, you can enhance the original photo or use one of the filters and enhance the colors. The cool thing is that you can control how much the photo is enhanced by dragging the line on the thumbnail, but try not to overdo it.

# 1. Open the image you want to improve with the Photos application , and at the top select the creativity button and choose the Edit option .

# 2. Once in edit mode, go to the Filters tab , and press the Enhance photo button on the right. This will automatically enhance the photo.

# 3. But you can also use one of the filters and adjust its slider to achieve the desired results.

# 4. Additionally you can go to the Settings tab , where you will see the Light, Color and Clarity options .

# 5. Dragging the sliders of these options you can vary your photo between light or dark, add or remove color and change the sharpness of the photos in the Clarity option .

When you are done with your changes, it is best to save the enhanced image as a fresh copy and leave the original intact. In this way you can compare them or restore the original in case the results are not satisfactory.

Obviously you cannot expect the same results that professional photographers achieve. They also enhance your photos, but they do so using more advanced photo editors.


If you just want your photos from your vacation or other event to look better, this tool is worth it. By enhancing the photos, you make the colors sharper, making the colors that were dull in the image appear brighter.

Filters should be used sparingly and we can’t tell you which filter is best for each type of photo. To achieve the desired results, you will have to go through a trial and error process.

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