How to easily repair and install the power button of a PC

An uncomfortable moment for users is when they cannot start their computer due to a fault in the power button. Fortunately, it is not mandatory to take the PC to a technician to correct this problem. Therefore, we recommend you read this article where we explain how to repair and install the power button of a PC easily

The power button

A power button is a switch that allows you to turn on and / or turn off   an electronic device. This device turns on when you press the button once and turns off when you press and hold the same button. It is even possible to configure the system to turn off the screen by pressing the power button in Windows as well as other components of the computer.

On a PC, the power button is usually in the front area and is used to turn on the power supply that the computer has.

Power button types

There are two types of power buttons: electrical and mechanical. The electric start button is soft and does not change when pressed. While the mechanical power button makes a “click” when pressed and has a depth when pressed to turn on a device.

Install power button

How to easily repair and install the power button of a PC

Just as it is possible to repair a damaged hard disk at risk that does not start or recognize Windows , it is also possible to repair the power button if it does not work. For this reason, we advise you to carefully follow each of the following steps so that you can resolve this small flaw.

Get a new power button for your PC

Before installing the power button, you must purchase a new button to replace the button that has deteriorated from continuous use. Once you get this component you must take into account some particular aspects such as those mentioned below.

Completely turn off your equipment

From the operating system, choose the option “Shut down” and wait a few seconds while the computer closes the session. When the screen turns off, disconnect the computer from the power source.

Disconnect the components from the motherboard

Locate and disconnect the monitor cable, network cable, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer patch cables. These cables are tucked into the rear of the case or box. Then press and hold the power button to completely remove the residual energy that is stored in the power supply.

Open the case

Make sure to wear an antistatic wrist strap or touch a metal surface before opening the case. Next, open the case by removing the left panel of the case. For this, use a screwdriver that allows you to remove the two screws that hold the panel from the back.

Repair power button

Pull out the power button

Place the case face up so that the main bezel (where the power button is located) faces to the left. Then, press the tab to release the bezel which is on the bottom right of the panel and push the right side of the bezel forward.

Hold the power button when you move the bezel so it doesn’t come off on its own. Then, twist the button’s power cap several times to remove it. From the back, press the button so it pops out the front of the bezel. You can take advantage of this step to clean the power supply of your PC if you see dust or elements that obstruct its operation.

Install the new PC power button

Remove the damaged power button assembly spring and place it over the new button. Next, insert this button into the front of the bezel and fit the plug onto the stem from the back.

Close the case

Place the panel where you initially removed it from and tighten the two screws on the case. Lastly, connect all the component cables to the front of the case. On the other hand, if you notice that you cannot turn off Windows by giving the error that does not turn off , check the operating system because there must be the cause of this problem.

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