How to easily make or create an org chart in Visio?

With this extension, you can brainstorm or brainstorm in Visio or create or configure a calendar in Visio . Microsoft is not far behind when it comes to offering innovative products or tools.

The organization chart solution is one of the three main uses of the Visio. It is a very old solution, but it can be used with the new data binding feature with a few caveats.

Therefore, in this article I will describe how to make or create the flowcharts with the data features in Visio Professional.

Creating an org chart in Visio

Visio is a tool used to diagram solutions such as Organization Charts, Flow Charts and Floor Plans. Such is the case of making or creating a basic flowchart in Visio for those who are still beginners.


create organization chart

You don’t need to be an artist or graphic designer to make or create an org chart in Visio . It is fun and easy.

Creating an organization chart

  • Open Microsoft Visio.
  • From the File menu, point to New Business Organization Chart.
  • When you are in the Forms template part of the Organization Chart found in the Forms section , you must slide the form to the top for organization.
  • Once you select the shape, you must enter a title and name for the shape.
  • From the org chart shape template option on the shapes screen, slide a first person subordinate shape to the top shape. This will automatically bring the two parties together in a hierarchy.
  • To complete your org chart, just keep dragging subordinate shapes to higher shapes, and type a name and title for each one.

Using the graphics wizard

You can use existing data, just with the Chart Wizard to create an Organization Chart. File formats that the Chart Wizard can read:

  • Microsoft Office Excel (.xls or .xlsx).
  • Microsoft Exchange server directory (the data in the Microsoft Exchange Book email address).
  • Tab or comma delimited text (.txt).
  • Org Plus (.txt).
  • The file for a database created in an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), which meets the requirements of a database application, such as Microsoft Office Access.

Data required

The Organization Chart Wizard must be able to identify:

  • Each employee in a unique way.
  • The name of each employee.
  • Who each person reports to.

Note: The way the names appear in your data file is the way they will appear in the chart organization.

Create templates for org charts in Visio

Making or creating an org chart in Visio is a great way to represent an organization’s hierarchy.



Visio provides ready-made templates to help you get started creating organization charts.

In the next part, you will learn different aspects of creating and working with flowcharts.

Using the org chart template

The easiest way to get started is to use a built-in org chart template and build on it. In Visio 2016, the org chart template can be found by going to the New menu.

Click the Start button, click New, and select the Templates tab. On the Templates tab, go to the Business category and click Organization Chart.

A dialog box will open where you can choose the chart to be created in metric units.

Select the units you are comfortable with and click Create to load the shapes from the org chart into a new diagram.

Insert a top-level executive form

Once the graphic is created, you will notice that the Ribbon has a new Organic Graphics tab that lists the shape styles you can use.

The Shapes panel has all the shapes you need to use in an org chart. The shapes change based on the shape style selected on the Organization Chart tab of the ribbon.

To insert a top-level shape, drag the shape from the Executive Belt onto the canvas and align it to the center of the page.

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