How to easily create a strong and easy to remember password

How can you create a strong and easy to remember password?

In order to protect all your accounts effectively, it is vital that you have a password that really protects them. Also, you should be able to remember it easily, as this will make it easier for you to access your accounts.

Although it may sound difficult to create an excellent password, it is much easier than it seems, since there are certain tools that can help us achieve it.

What tricks to use to create strong and easy-to-remember passwords?

There are many tricks you can use to improve the quality of your passwords. In addition, these will also help you remember them without much effort. Some suggestions that you should keep in mind when creating your passwords are the following:

Security in digital media

  • Don’t use the same password for all your accounts, as that would be predictable. Rather, try to vary them each time you create a new account. Just as important is that you change the Wi-Fi password of your router with a certain frequency so that others do not steal, or worse, intercept your signal.
  • Try to create passwords with aspects that are familiar to you, but complicated for those who do not know them. A useful technique is to make a sentence, take the first letters of each word and randomly capitalize it, and then add numbers and special symbols.
  • Don’t write down your passwords somewhere that someone other than you can access, be it digitally or physically.
  • If the platform you use allows it, try to change your password from time to time.
  • Don’t use the passwords that everyone uses. Combinations such as 12345, qwerty, among others, are easier to hack as they are widely used. Here you can see how strong your password is and how long it would take for a computer to hack it.

We recommend that you follow the steps just mentioned so that you can enjoy complete security and can easily remember passwords.

Something that will also help you protect your accounts and stay away from any page that may be harmful, is learning how to know if a link or shortened link is safe before opening it , since many can be traps by malicious people.

What pages to use to create good passwords?

Your attempts to create a strong, easy-to-remember password may be unsuccessful. If this happens to you, something that will undoubtedly make you happy is to know that there are pages that help you create strong passwords. Some of them even save them for you. These are called password managers.

If you are interested in learning about these services, check out which are the best password managers for Windows . That way, you won’t have to worry about remembering your passwords ever again. Here’s how to use one of the most popular.

How to use LastPass to generate strong and easy to remember passwords?

One of the best password generator sites is LastPass. All you have to do to start enjoying the different options it offers is to go to its official website.

Once there, you can configure your password according to your preferences. For example, you can specify if you want the password to be easy to read, to say the number of characters you want it to have, among other details.

Protect digital information with strong passwords

That’s all! We assure you that, if you follow the advice that we give you here, you will be able to enjoy the security that only a good password can give to the different accounts you have. We hope that all this information will be of great help to you and that you achieve a secure and easy-to-remember password.

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