How to Download Scribd Books and Documents for Free

Learning how to download free Scribd books and documents can be very useful if you are looking for information on a particularly complicated topic or a story by your favorite author. Certainly, there are some ways to obtain a file from this web page, which are: obtaining a paid subscription, through a file exchange or using some websites specialized in downloads via URL.

There are online platforms where you can find a wide variety of information, especially today that the most common format is digital. One of these great websites is Scribd, a place where different types of files such as digital books, documents, podcasts, audiobooks and much more meet. A wide information base where users upload all kinds of content, which you will learn to download for free in the following lines.

Using web pages

As a first method, download web pages are available . These are tools where you can use the link of the document or book in Scribd to obtain the file and save it, with which you can later consult it offline for free.

Before explaining the process step by step, it is necessary to mention that this method is not totally safe, since not all formats are compatible with the sites. Similarly, it has been shown that in some cases it is possible to download without any inconvenience, so it is recommended to try the pages presented below:


This online tool is currently dedicated to downloading Scribd files for free, but platforms such as Issuu and other formats, such as ePUB, will be added in the future. The procedure to follow is very simple, you just have to enter from your browser to: es.scribddownloader.org  and perform these steps:

  1. As a first step, you must copy the link of the document that you want to download directly from Scribd.
  2. Then, you will have to enter the URL in the corresponding box and press the ” Download ” button .
  3. Then, another window will open where you must click on the ” CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ” button.
  4. Finally, wait a moment for the download to start.

By following these steps, you will be able to download the PDF books that are available on the Scribd website. It is important to remember that not all files are compatible with the download, this can be due to different reasons such as a format not supported by the web.


As a second option, you can opt for DocDownloader, a platform where you can download files such as books and documents from Scribd or other pages such as SlideShare or Issuu. Although, it should be taken into account that it presents failures in its operation more frequently than the tool described above.

If you still want to give it a try, the steps are not much different than the ScribdDownloader method. So, to get the file, you must first have the page’s URL in Scribd. Next, enter DocDownloader by entering docdownloader.com in your browser, paste the link of the document to download in the corresponding box and click on ” GET THE LINK “.

Once you press this option, a page will open where you must solve a CAPTCHA and then click on ” DOWNLOAD PDF “, which will take you to another tab. Next, click on ” DOWNLOAD AS PDF ” and this will open an additional tab again.

In the last location indicated, you can finally download the desired file by clicking on the green button that says “ DOWNLOAD COMPRESSED .PDF FILE ”. This page can throw unexpected errors, but it is a good option to take into account.

Other methods

There is a method by which documents can be viewed directly on the Scribd website. This is possible thanks to a Chrome extension called Scribd pages reveal, which you can download from herelink. Its use is very easy, just enter the document you want to view which is blocked by the site, click on the extension icon.

Scribd pages reveal – (Next name: Open doors)
Developer: https://github.com/noGreg/
Price: Free

Another method of obtaining a file available for download on Scribd for free is by uploading one of your documents to the platform. In this way, you can exchange one or more of your files for the ones you want to get without having to pay a subscription to the platform.

These techniques are not totally reliable as they may stop working in some cases. However, they are still considered as good alternatives when downloading some documents for free from Scribd. Thanks to these methods you can enjoy your books, documents or other files totally free and anywhere.

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