How to download Play Store

Play Store is the largest, most complete and famous Android application store. It is currently known as Google Play and was launched in 2008. It has not stopped growing since then and it cannot be otherwise, since it is backed by Google and Android, two technological titans of our time.

If you want to download the Play Store, but don’t know how, this is about to change. Here are the download options for this application. But first we must clarify that this download only applies to devices with Android operating system.

Although the app download is only required in specific cases, the Play Store update applies to everyone with an Android device.

To perform an update, you can use the Google Play Store directly in case you have it and you have no problems with the native application. In case you have a problem with the Play Store that comes pre-installed, we recommend that you use the websiteAPKPure.com, where you will surely find the latest update.

If you choose this option, you need to access the website, download the APK file from the Play Store, and run it to carry out the update. It is important, before doing all this process, make sure that your device really needs the update.

Download for Android

It is almost essential to have this application installed on your phone, since this is the official application store developed for Android phones, where we can obtain free or paid applications to increase the functional potential of our mobile device.

Most of the devices we use have the Android operating system, unless you have iOS devices. And all Android devices come with a default Play Store app already installed.

However, you could have bought a Chinese device that, despite having an Android operating system, does not have the Play Store installed, due to government restrictions that do not allow the company to use Google. It can also happen that for some reason (system failure or formatting) the application disappears from your Android device.

In both cases, you must download and install the Play Store if you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of your smartphone or tablet. Let’s see the next step by step.

  • Enable your phone’s security system to accept applications of unknown origin.

All Android phones have a security mechanism to prevent unauthorized installation of applications that are not from the official Google site. Therefore, it is necessary to enable the “unknown sources” option. How can this be done? You must go to the Settings menu , then to Security and activate the function. Easy.

  • Search the website to download the APK from the Play Store.

For that we recommend that you use APKPure.com. It is safe, the application weighs little and is periodically updated. Your device must have Android 4.1+. The application is downloaded for free and very fast.

  • Open the downloaded APK file and start the installation.

You must go to the download folder of your smartphone, choose the APK file that we just downloaded and run it. The operating system will start to install the application, this takes only a few seconds or a couple of minutes at most.

  • Activate the application with a Google account.

Once you have finished with the previous steps, go to the application panel and there you will find the Play Store. Open and activate it using your Google account. And ready! You have already downloaded and installed the Play Store on your phone.

Download for PC

Is it possible to download the Play Store for free for PC? Mobile applications make our lives easier. These digital tools make our smartphone a real assistant that solves any type of everyday problem.

However, many of us want to have all its benefits on the computer and to achieve this, we can download Play Store for PC very easily to access millions of applications from our computer.

Computers use different types of software, such as Windows, Linux or macOS, which allow all their functions to be carried out. Unfortunately, these operating systems do not allow you to use the Play Store in the same way that we do with an Android device.

That is why we need to adapt our computer to access the world of Google Play Store applications.

The first thing you should know is that installing the Google Play Store on the PC is not the same as doing it on an Android device. The software of a smartphone is totally different from the operating system used by computers.

To install this digital store on your computer, you need to make some changes and install some emulator that gives the computer the ability to develop functions of an Android smartphone. That is the first step.

  • First step, install an emulator. In our case Bluestacks.

This program has been designed to run the functions of an Android on the computer. It is safe, free and easy to use and expands the number of functions that a computer can perform. Among them is the simulation of the Android operating system on the computer.

  • Second step, open the emulator.

After installing the emulator, open the icon on your PC desktop and access it to run all the functions of a smartphone on your computer. The user interface will be similar to that of a telephone. There, you will have all the options to run the Google mobile apps, including the Google Play Store.

  • Third step: Launch Play Store on your PC.

The last step is to access the Play Store on your PC, the startup process is the same as the one that runs on a phone, you must enter your email and all your information to access all the applications that the store offers you.

As you realize, downloading the Play Store on your PC is really easy, fast and best of all, free.

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