How to disable the touchpad of my Windows laptop when connecting a mouse

The touch panels or touchpad are very useful especially because they allow you to work with your laptop in any place and position: in the park, lying down. And if you learn to use its shortcuts or gestures; the benefits are greatly increased. However, it may not be as practical for many users. Some find it so annoying that they prefer to use the traditional mouse or mouse instead of the touchpad, how can you disable the touchpad when connecting a mouse to your laptop?

Continue reading this post so that you know the reasons why some users think that the touchpad is uncomfortable and the best thing is that you will learn to deactivate the touchpad of your laptop automatically when connecting a mouse, all this with the Windows operating system in use .

Why unplug my touchpad and want to use the traditional mouse

The touch panel is a device created to control input positioning (cursor) on your laptop screen. It allows the same functions of a mouse without the need for it to be connected to the computer. In fact, if you want to use the middle button of your mouse to navigate faster with your touch keyboard; you can do it simulating it with your touchpad.

Although this works by feeling the tactile pressure when you touch when you type  ; many users find this inconvenient. One user commented :

“They are too easy to accidentally hit when you are writing; which directs the cursor to another unwanted direction and interrupts the work causing a lot of annoyance …

And if you have an external mouse connected, it is totally unnecessary to also have the touch panel activated, consuming the necessary resources for the proper functioning of Windows ”.

windows settings window

Disable the touchpad automatically when connecting a mouse, using Windows on your laptop

Having Windows automatically disable your touchpad when you connect an external mouse, USB or Bluetooth, is the solution you need to employ. This disables the scrolling of the touchpad without having to worry about the movements or bumps you give it after connecting the mouse:

  • Open Windows settings by clicking the “Start” button .
  • Then click on the figure that is shaped like a “Gear”. You can also run a shortcut, pressing simultaneously: Windows + I.
  • Immediately choose the “Devices” option .
  • In the Devices section, switch to the ” Touchpad ” category on the left.
  • Finally uncheck the box ” Leave the touch panel on when the mouse is connected “.

From now on, connecting an external mouse will automatically disable your touchpad. If you are going to leave the house and you will not carry the mouse; No problem. Because when you disconnect it from your laptop, the touch panel will automatically be enabled again.

windows touch panel window

Traditional touchpad or mouse

Now you can work without caring about touching the touchpad and sending the cursor off the page because your laptop is set to disable the touchpad every time you connect an external mouse.

Something important to keep in mind is that: Before disabling your touchpad , make sure you have a mouse connected. You will need it to operate your laptop later.

Even though Windows makes its touchpad friendly and compatible software ; They not only offer a mechanism for navigating the user interface, but over the years it has improved.

And now you can also use gestures or shortcuts to make navigation tasks even faster. Even still with all these changes; does not finish convincing all users. Many still prefer the traditional mouse.

But the other great truth is that at miracomosehace.com, we are here to help you make your cyberspace experience the best. If you like to use the Touchpad we have the precise article for you to take advantage of its advantages.

Or if you prefer to switch between using the traditional mouse and the touchpad. Then share this article that you just read and tell us your opinion or suggestion.

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