How To Delete Browsing History From A Particular Website – Quick And Easy

And it is that, to whom it has not happened that when we are doing an investigation and we have a good source of information, the fate against us closes the browser. Although the solution is easy, knowing how to use the history can recover the page in a matter of seconds.

There are people for whom it is not convenient that in their environment they know which pages have been accessed lately from the browser, that is why there is the option to delete history, with which we can delete the record that is created every time we visit one page.

How are the browsing histories?

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The browsing history is a small tab or window in which we view in the form of a list the pages which have been accessed normally ordered by date. Then the visualization of said history varies depending on the browser that is being used in the computer.

For example, for Firefox, access to history is shown with a small tab that opens from the left side of the interface, while in Google Chrome, access to history is displayed with a full window, making the search of the pages much better. , and you can clear the history of Chrome and recover the search history of this browser.

Where are the histories accessed from?

As in the pop-up interface of each history, access to them varies depending on the browser; for example, for Firefox access to browsing history is in a button in the upper right from where you can access history, bookmarks and among other options.

While in Chrome to access the history we must select the button next to the profile photo, which are represented by three vertical points and which will allow us to see all the configuration options. Once the button is selected, we will have to look for the history option in the small pop-up menu. In Chrome it is also possible to delete the most visited web pages.

Common causes why people delete their history

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Among the most common reasons why people erase their history are downloads. This is more recurrent among young people in their ambition to download games, but at the same time there is the possibility of downloading a virus and therefore their parents decide to prohibit this act.

Among other common causes is the so-called “Stalkeo”. Verb that comes from the English word “stalker” and whose meaning is stalker. Stalkeo consists of visiting the profile of a social network of another person, without her knowing. This act can be somewhat embarrassing depending on the social environment you are in.

How to delete the browsing history of a particular website?

If we wanted to delete the history in a generic way, all we would have to do is access the history tab and select the delete button. But in the case of websites in particular it is different, that is why we will use an extension called “Forget Me”.

When you have completely installed the extension, we must enter the page to which we will want to delete all its content registered in the history. Then we can see that in the browser where the URL is, a new button will appear with a magnifying glass and an “x” inside it.

After having clicked on the magnifying glass option, we can enter the browser again, and we will see that no visit to the website has been saved. Even with this extension, everything related to visits (plugins, users and passwords, and among other things) is deleted.

This tool is good for deleting pages and making it look like we haven’t really entered there; This is because the cases in which we delete the history will be very obvious to other people that we have entered a page, but this does not happen with the “Forget me”.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to delete all your history, you can delete the browsing history of a particular website.

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