How to convert AVI video to MP4 without programs? – Fast and easy

How to convert AVI video to MP4 without programs? – Fast and easy

In the multimedia world, there are a large number of formats for viewing videos. If these files are incompatible with the player, conflicts occur as the extension of the file we want to access is not recognized. For this reason, the process of converting the format of a video file is recommended .

Next, you will learn about two of the most common formats to identify multimedia files and two very useful procedures for converting these formats without using any application.

What is the .AVI format?

The .AVI (Audio Video Interlave File) format is one of the many types of video formats that exist, it represents a file extension that contains intermixed audio and video. This format allows multimedia content to remain compressed along with encoded audio data.

Features of the AVI video format

The .AVI video format was published by Microsoft in 1992. This is a standard format by which the Windows operating system identifies movies and works with a compression method that combines audio and video from one file.

Files in the .AVI format take up considerable memory space. However, these can retain good video and audio quality and can be used on various platforms.

Indeed, one of the main problems of the AVI format is that it usually takes up more than the rest, but you can always convert MKV to AVI and vice versa without losing quality , a recommended option, understanding that MKV is more modern and functional.

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What is the .MP4 format?

The .MP4 format also called MPEG-4 by Moving Picture Experts Group is an extension for storing video, audio and subtitle files. This format allows file transfer over the Internet and is very useful on various platforms such as Windows and Mac OS.

Characteristics of the MP4 video format

The MP4 video format was created in 2004 and is based on AAC encoding, for audio (part of the different audio formats that exist ). MP4 serves as a container for storing audio and video data and by compressing audiovisual tracks.

Convert AVI videos to MP4 over the internet without programs

The best way to convert files without programs is through the internet. You can access certain web pages such as Convertio, Any Conv or convert-video-online that will allow you to convert any AVI video to MP4 online easily and quickly.

To take advantage of any of these websites you can upload the video file, press the “Convert” button and wait until the conversion process is complete. Once the conversion is finished you can download the MP4 file.

What to keep in mind before converting

If you own Windows 10 operating system , then pay attention to how to convert any AVI file to MP4 without any program quickly and easily.

First of all, the extension of the AVI video file that you want to convert to MP4 format needs to be visible. To achieve this, go to the Control Panel by right-clicking on the start button. Once there, look for “File Explorer Options” and choose the “View” tab.

Displays the file extension and plays the content

In the “View” tab you will find the “Advanced Settings”. In this section you will find a list of alternatives so you must locate and uncheck the option “Hide file extensions for known file types”.

On the other hand, for content playback, you can use any capable player, but we recommend downloading the latest version of VLC , a free and perfectly functional program for this and many types of files.

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Create a copy of the AVI video

Then, we look for the AVI video file that we want to convert to MP4, create a copy of it and right-click on the copy to select the “rename” option. At this point you can change the file extension to .mp4.

The operating system will show you a message to confirm the change of the file extension. You press the “Yes” button and the copy of the video will have a .MP4 extension. It is important to note that with the copy you will protect your original video file from any possible damage that results from an incorrect conversion.

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