How to Convert an HDMI Cable to RCA at Home Easily

It is important that you know that you should never give up the apparent difficulties before and know that there is always a solution. Since making connections and conversions on our devices is very simple, of course, if we have the tools to do so. This is what we did to convert a PS / 2 keyboard into a USB input without any major complications.

How to Convert an HDMI Cable to RCA at Home Easily

Before we begin, we are going to indicate that this procedure is very simple and quick to perform and will allow you to connect a Blu-Ray device to your television . But with the complication that your TV does not have the HDMI port provided . Then we are going to perform a little trick that will allow us to convert an HDMI cable to RCA easily at home.

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Another important aspect is that we are going to make use of a converter that will allow us to convert the HDMI signal into an RCA signal. So we must acquire this accessory so that our trick works without any problem. Another important fact is that we are not going to use any kind of tools for the connections that we will explain below.

Steps to convert an HDMI cable to RCA at home easily

As we have already explained, it is a very simple process as long as you can get the device that allows you to convert the HDMI input into an RCA output. You will have no problem getting the converter, as it is found in electronics stores.

So once we have this special accessory at hand, we must also have the HDMI cable and the RCA cable. With all these materials, let’s start our tutorial and to begin, we will take the HDMI cable and connect one of its ends to the HD device that we want to connect to the TV, be it a video game console, Blu-Ray or other equipment.

The next step is to take the other end of the HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI to RCA converter, we have already made the first connection and so far everything is very clear. Let’s move on to the next step and this is to now take the RCA cable. And we will connect one of its ends to the port that is on the HDMI to RCA converter.

In this way we have already made all the necessary connections to the converter and it would only be necessary to make the following connection and that is to take the other end of the RCA cable and connect it to the RCA port that your TV has.

The next and last step is to turn on your TV and look for the RCA input that you have connected and in this way you have the signal from the high definition device that you have connected.

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Ready, you have already made the connection that you thought you would never achieve, it seems magic but it is not, since the converter transforms digital signals to analog. And we should not get confused in this, since there are converters that transform analog signals into digital ones. This means we go from VGA to HDMI .

In this way we finish this instructive article that showed you what analog to digital converters are and vice versa. And best of all, I teach you in simple steps how to convert an HDMI cable to RCA easily at home.

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