How to connect the front panel cables to the motherboard of my PC

What is the front panel of the motherboard?

Have you ever wondered what the motherboard is and what is it for ? This is the operations center that contains a series of slots and connectors. It contains a front panel with a set of pins that allow the connection of cables in order to turn on the computer, use the LED indicators on the case, activate the front USB ports and use the speaker or internal speaker to infer possible errors on the motherboard .

The cables or connectors of the computer case (chassis)

The cabinet of the equipment contains a cable “HDD LED” or the hard disk light indicator, a cable “POWER LED” which is the power indicator of the equipment, a cable “POWER SWITCH” to turn the computer on and off, a cable “SPEAKER” for the internal speaker and a “Reset SW” cable for the “Reset” button.

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How to connect the front panel cables of the motherboard of my PC?

The procedure for connecting the motherboard front panel cables is not complex but must be done carefully. For this reason, it is convenient that you follow the steps that we indicate below so that you can complete this task successfully and without any inconvenience.

Open the cabinet or case

First of all, you need to open the cabinet or case. To do this, wear an antistatic wrist strap and get a screwdriver. Loosen the screws holding the case cover, remove the cover and set it aside. Make sure to change the motherboard BIOS battery if you notice that the date on your computer is constantly changing.

Prepare the USB cables

Remove the tie that binds the USB cables on the front of the case. Then, separate the individual pin connectors to display the name of each one.

Locate the motherboard connection panel

Often times, the connection panel for the motherboard is at the bottom right of the motherboard. You can easily identify it because each pin is labeled with the name of a connector. Some motherboards have the word “PANEL” on the side of this header.

Recognizes the load of the cables

Some cables have negative or positive value printed regarding the load. If your cables do not indicate it, you can be guided by the color. The white wires represent the negative charge, while the other colors are positive. If both cables are black, check that the connector name is pointing outward.

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Connect the cables to the motherboard

Each pair of cables should be connected exactly where the motherboard patch panel indicates. Depending on the model and type of board, you will see that in most cases the name of the connector is abbreviated, replacing “POWER SWITCH” with “PWR SW” or “POWER LED” with “P LED”. This is due to the limited space on the motherboard. You can use this step to repair and install the power button if you think the component is faulty.

Connect connect the cables from the front panel of the motherboard of your PC

Commonly, the USB 2.0 cable has nine pins and a blinded pin so that we can connect it only one way. On the motherboard you will see the connector labeled “USB. The USB 3.0 cable has twenty pins and you can connect it to the blue connector located at the bottom right of the board.

Importantly, the USB 3.0 cable must also be connected one way. For this, check the protrusion (male connector) and the indentation where this protrusion fits.

Recommendation about the “SPEAKER” connector

The “SPEAKER” cable must be connected to a connector on the motherboard that consists of four pins even though this cable only has two. The “SPEAKER” connector is optional but it is very useful for the diagnosis of the motherboard since it emits different sounds or beeps when it presents a fault. Therefore, whether or not you have one of the best types of motherboard, you should know that all of them share the same front panel.

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