How to connect my tablet without a Chip to the Internet by USB cable easily

Connect the tablet to the internet via USB cable

We must be clear that the tablet with a chip, without a doubt, makes this mobile device a very valuable tool. Thanks to the chip, we have an internet connection anywhere, thanks to the mobile data that our telephone company offers us.

So you might think that connecting the tablet without a Chip to the Internet could limit its performance. You can only use it in places where you have internet access. Suppose the tablet can not connect via Wifi , can it be connected via USB cable to the internet? Yes of course! For this you must have a computer with internet, if you already have it, then we will explain step by step how you can configure the tablet, and thus connect it to the internet via USB cable.

Steps to connect the tablet to the internet via USB cable

The first thing you have to do is connect the data cable (USB cable) to the connector of the tablet, then to any USB port on your computer. Then, go to the configuration or settings of the tablet, click on the option more and select the section with the name of “network connection and mobile Wi-Fi point “. As a reminder, this option on some tablets has a different name, however, you must verify that it is the option to configure the network or Wi-Fi connection of the tablet.

So far we’re fine, right? So let’s move on to the last step. Press the “USB connection ” option (on some tablets, you must press it several times). And that’s it, you’ve already activated the USB cable internet connection function.

Steps to connect the tablet to the internet via USB cable

Now if you can take advantage of this fantastic technological tool. But what other ways to connect a tablet without a Chip have at your fingertips? Let’s look at other methods below.

Other connection methods

There are many ways to connect your tablet to the internet, we already saw one that is how to connect the tablet without a chip to the internet via USB cable. But now we will see 2 additional ways to connect a tablet to the internet. One way is through a network cable, the other alternative is to connect a USB internet modem to the tablet.

Network wire

To connect a non-chip tablet to the internet via network cable, you only need to get an RJ45 cable adapter or network cable. This adapter must fit correctly in the slot where we place the tablet charger.

Other network cable connection methods

By connecting the network cable to the RJ45 adapter, you can automatically enjoy the internet connection easily. It should be noted that this is an ecological alternative because we avoid using Wi-Fi.

USB cable internet modem

First of all, you need an OTG cable, this cable plugs into the charging slot of the tablet. Now, with the table turned off, connect the OTG cable to the tablet and the USB internet modem at the other end. Turn on the tablet, when accessing it you should automatically wait for it to recognize the modem. And that’s how easy and fast you will have internet!

Follow these steps and get the most out of your tablet wherever you are; It does not matter if it does not have a chip, since as you can see you can connect your tablet to the network by USB cable or in other ways.

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