How to connect laptop to ADLS line or router easily

It is interesting to know what type of connections your Router has and how to connect the different devices in it. In our articles, we have gone to great lengths to let you know. We saw this in the article where we learned the steps to take in cases of not having an installation CD to configure and install a Router.

How to connect laptop to ADLS line or router easily

The first thing we must do is locate the ports that we will use to connect our router to the laptop. Once the connectors have been identified, we will connect the Router to the power line and also connect to the ADLS line. It is important that you remember that this line is taken by the internet to our router and he will be in charge of distributing it to the different devices.

connect portable line

We can make this connection through a network cable or WiFi, in some cases you may have a new router in your possession. In them, the different Ethernet connectors are usually covered and come with the indication to run a configuration software. This comes on ONE CD ROM, which comes just with the device.

Steps to connect laptop to ADLS line or router easily

In our specific case, we are going to omit the instructions that are printed on the Router and we will connect our laptop. Once the Router is turned on and connected to the internet, we must configure it, but for this we will connect the laptop. This can be done via the WiFi connection or via an Ethernet cable.

If we do it in the last way we can use the different RJ45 sockets that you will generally find on the back of the Router. But in any of the cases that you decide to connect the laptop to the Router, you must have the IP address at hand. In our case we are going to use a WiFi connection , to connect wirelessly.

It is possible that when you connect, it will ask you for a password and user name, this information is printed on the back of the Router. The next step is to go to the computer or laptop and locate the WiFi icon on the taskbar on the right side.

Select it with the mouse pointer and then you must right click and then select the option Open the network and sharing center.

And the available networks will be shown to you, in your case you will select the WiFi option by double clicking on it and the Properties window will be displayed. And we choose the Details tab, now it will show us a new window and in it we can find data such as the IP address of the device and the default port for the link.

connect adls line

Once we have this data, it is usually of this type IP Which means that it will be very easy to locate it. And now enter this information on the web in this way

And in this way you will enter the server for the configuration. If instead we use an Ethernet cable, we choose Properties of the Ethernet network interface.

Now we only need to enter the data such as username and password, which is usually admin / admin and follow the prompts. Then you click OK and you can now use your laptop to surf the net. And in this way we show you how to connect laptop to ADLS line or router easily.

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