How to connect, configure and use an Apple Wireless Keyboard to a PC

Although it may seem like something impossible to do, the truth is that, with this type of device, you have the possibility of connecting an “Apple Magic” keyboard to your computer with Windows 10 operating system simply and quickly.

However, there are some users who prefer the classic keyboard, which has much more solid mechanics that make it easier to use their personal computers , and even many people constantly use the virtual keyboard of this operating system for different activities. , for which those who opt for wireless models, obtain greater stability and much more practical tools.

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How is it possible to use Apple peripherals on a Windows 10 computer?

The wonder of this is that you can use the peripherals, better known as one of the accessories of the Apple brand and configure them correctly, for their operation in Windows 10.

You must make sure that the wireless keyboard is charged, when connecting it to the PC, if the keyboard model is an older version, you must make sure that the alkaline batteries are in good condition.

Likewise, it is important that before carrying out said installation, you take into account all the requirements that are necessary to be able to carry out the installation properly.

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Activating the keyboard on your Windows 10 computer with the “Bluetooth” option

To begin, you must start by clicking on the Start button, which you will find in the task bar, just in the lower left. After that, you must click on the “Configuration” option , since it is there, where you can verify in the Control Panel, the type of standard configuration of the equipment, as well as access the network configuration.

Also, there you can find part of the account information, security and also privacy. To do this you will click on the option “Devices”, this can also be located as “Bluetooth, mouse, printers” after locating it, these steps will be followed:

  • Once in the “Devices” panel you will click on the “Bluetooth” option on the left side of the screen. You will see in the center of the screen that it will say “Manage Bluetooth devices”, under that title, you must make sure that the sliding button of this is in “On” and is ticked in blue.
  • After the slider button is “On”, a text should appear saying “ Your PC is searching and can be discovered by Bluetooth devices ”. This is followed by a list of Bluetooth devices that will be available for peripheral pairing.
  • Now you will click on the option that says “MagicKeyboard” or also “Apple Wireless Keyboard “, although this will depend on the keyboard model you have, then you must click on the gray “Pair” button.
  • You will see that the pop-up window will appear that will show the access code, this is when configuring both types of Apple wireless keyboard . If the model is old, you will simply type the code on the screen and hit the Enter / Return key on the keyboard.

With the new model of “Apple MagicKeyboard” it is likely that confusion will be generated in the operating system, to correct this, Windows 10 will read the keyboard separately, to which it will present a code in the window and the following text: “Compare codes access ”. For which you will only need to buy the text on the screen, and click on “YES” and the configuration will be completed.

To stop using this peripheral, the disconnection is simple, you just have to click on the name of the keyboard and then on the button “Remove device” and when the confirmation message appears it will be accepted, thus ending the use of the keyboard.

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