How to configure, connect and use two Wifi networks at the same time?

Through the internet, human beings have shortened distances. Technological processes have accelerated and the flow of information has grown and expanded immeasurably. There are many devices that you can connect to a Wi-Fi network such as the Xbox console , PS4, Smart TV, among others.

Internet in all areas

As has already been pointed out in previous paragraphs, the internet covers all areas of life today. From the individual, to the organizations and large business conglomerates, the daily routine is not understood without the use of the internet.

It should be said that the planet today moves at the rate imposed by the internet. So, the battle is not only to have this tool, but to have a fast network with enough band capacity to satisfy both individual and organizational needs.

One way to maximize the benefits of the network is the use of two Wi- Fi connections , here we show you how to configure, connect and use two Wi-Fi networks at the same time.

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No more umbilical cord

In the early years the internet network confined users to the umbilical cord of the cable. Its application was limited to the availability of the network point and the extension of the cable.

Today with the invention of Wi-Fi and the wireless network, the possibilities of using the Internet have grown exponentially. Through Wifi and satellite signals, the internet can reach anywhere on the planet. Today routers can be configured to function as repeaters .

However, one of the limitations in the use of the internet is subject to the fact that many technological devices only allow connection to a single Wi-Fi network. What to do in those cases?

How to configure, connect and use two Wifi networks at the same time?

One of the most reliable ways to have an internet signal on your electronic device is to do it through the connection to two Wi-Fi networks at the same time.

In this way, it is guaranteed to be able to have a permanent internet signal, and at the same time, to have a greater connection capacity or what is called bandwidth, since you can add or combine the two Wi-Fi signals.

The truth is that the vast majority of users do not know how to configure, connect and use two Wi-Fi networks at the same time, here we will show you because it is not as difficult as it is believed. First of all, in order to have a broad vision of the system and the steps to follow to achieve the connection, we will talk about how it works.

wireless network router

The procedure used by the electronic device: PC, laptop, etc., to connect to two Wi-Fi networks, is through what is known as a virtual network.

A “virtual network” is nothing more than the Wi-Fi antenna arrangement established through a domain and connected to a switch. Said switch is managed by a virtual network control, using a Logical Domain Channels (LDC).

Connecting your devices to a Wi-Fi network brings many benefits, such as being able to connect these devices to each other. This, for example, you can do between your PC and your phone, this can be very useful to transfer files .

Does your PC have the capacity to connect to two Wi-Fi networks?

The way to find out is by following the steps shown below: The first step is to go to start and in the search bar write “Network connections “. Once here, click on “See network connections.”

The next step is to see if the computer has the alternative “Wireless network connections “. If so, your PC is available to connect two Wi-Fi networks at the same time. Today we show you how to configure, connect and use two Wi-Fi networks at the same time.

If you are going to connect to an open Wi-Fi network it is important that you use some technique or trick to protect your device and your personal data,

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