How to configure an IP camera to view it from PC or cell phone remotely?

Have you ever been in the situation of installing an IP camera in any part of your house or room? With the advancement of times, this has become an essential tool for the safety of many families.

These cameras can be placed at various points in your home where they are strategic surveillance points, and even if you have a Webcam you can also protect and monitor your home . With them you can store different video clips if you wish or depending on the model and service, maintain live surveillance without the need to store these files.

Among the advantages that these cameras have, we can highlight the fact that the image of the same is of excellent quality and it can be viewed and reproduced from a distance, with the simple fact of making various settings.

In this post we want to leave you a small tutorial with which you can make various configurations which will make it easier for you to remotely observe your IP cameras .

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The connection to the router begins

Mainly, this tool must be connected to the local network through the switch. However, if it is not available or, failing that, it has most of its ports occupied, you have the possibility of connecting it to the IP camera directly with the router

Making the Internet connection

When we have made the connection with the router, you must proceed to connect said connection with the Internet. You can do this with the modem cable or by means of a special connection equipment which will give the device a direct access to the internet, with which the connection will also be provided.

Making the address connection to the Fixed IP

In order to obtain the fixed IP address, you must request it first, this is done through an Internet provider. In some cases, this action may have an additional cost, for that reason, you should check with your ISP. It is important that you record this IP connection in a safe place.

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Starting with routing the camera to the internet

When you start with routing, this process allows you to link two types of pc networks , the local network and the public network. The IP camera will have an IP address that will not be valid, so you must make this connection visible from the Internet. In order to do this, the fastest way is to use a DMZ type configuration.

In order to do this, you must have access to the configuration of said router, and once inside, you must locate the DMZ section , depending on the brand of the router, the place where said configuration will be will change.

When you find this section, you must activate the DMZ and after that, enter the IP address of the network camera. Remember that the camera must not have a fixed IP address and it cannot use DHCP either.

Making the remote connection of the camera

When you have activated the DMZ together with the IP address, you will be able to check this configuration, simply by using a PC externally. In order to do this, you must perform a process similar to that used to connect to the IP camera from a local network.

Usually a browser is used. In order to access it, you must enter Internet Explorer, and in the URL section you must place the following: http: //YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY

In the “Y” section you must put the public fixed IP address that has been previously provided by the Internet provider.

With this, everything will be ready. This is known as one of the fastest and most practical methods with which you can make this configuration.

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