How to compress or reduce the size of a PDF file to the maximum for free

Once you have mastered the basics of opening or editing PDF on your PC, it is recommended that you know how to reduce its size. Understanding the above, today we will teach you how to compress or reduce the size of a PDF file to the maximum for free and thus save space in your documents.

Is it possible to compress files in PDF format?

The PDF format is one of the most common for the distribution of books and other similar documents. In most circumstances it includes only text, which means that its weight is usually reduced. Even so, on other occasions, files in PDF format tend to be quite large.

In many cases, the difference in size between PDFs is due to the inclusion of images, since graphics tend to considerably increase the size of the documents. This is where the issue of PDF compression arises .

ilovepdf compressor pdf files

Indeed, there are ways to compress images, which in other words indicates that a PDF can be compressed. Next, we will show you two online methods to perform this process, but first you must know how to convert an XPS into a PDF if you have it in that format.

Reduce the size of a PDF file with ILovePDF

The ILovePDF website is a great way to compress our PDF files in the easiest way possible. The system has a very good compression rate, which makes it optimal if you want to save space on your computer or mobile device.

As we pointed out before, the main advantage of this service is that it can be used very easily. To compress your files in PDF format with ILovePDF read the following guide:

  • The first thing is to access the iLovePDF website. To do this, click on “Compress PDF file with ILovePDF”.
  • Once you are in the next page you will find the button “Select PDF file”, just click on it and look for the document in PDF format that you want to compress.
  • When uploading the document, it will be displayed on the screen, click on the “Compress PDF” button to start the compression.
  • Once the process is complete, the system should automatically start the download. If not, simply click on the “Download optimized PDF” button .
    It’s that easy to reduce the size of PDF files with ILovePDF. Remember that you can also convert a PDF to an editable DWG online , similar to the previous process.

Reduce the size of a PDF file with Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another excellent website that allows you to compress files in PDF format. It is a recommended option if you are not convinced by proposals like ILovePDF. The most interesting thing about this page is that it allows us to access two types of compression. A basic compression and another compression that focuses on quality.

compress pdf to the maximum with smallpdf

If you want to use the ILovePDF platform to compress your documents in PDF format, read the following guide with which you will learn how to do it:

  • The first step is to access the Smallpdf website.
  • After doing the above, you will go to the Smallpdf website. You will see that the “Choose files” button appears . To add documents in PDF format, simply click on this button.
  • Now locate the PDF document that you want to convert.
  • Once the file has been successfully uploaded, the compression options presented by Smallpdf will be displayed. As we pointed out before we have two options, “Basic compression” and “Large compression”.
  • Basic Compression will allow the file to be compressed without losing too much quality, in other words, the quality will be high. On the other hand, Big Compression as its name implies will allow a higher caliber compression, but the quality will be relatively lower.
  • Select the option that suits you best and click  “Choose option. After doing this you can access the file download. To do this, press “Download file” and save it on your computer.

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