How to compress multiple images in batches without losing quality online for free?

Nowadays it is common to have a large number of images and photos both on the mobile phone and on the computer. These can take up a generous amount of memory. Therefore, one of the ways to free up space on the hard disk of Windows PC is to compress several images in batches without losing quality.

This way consists of the compression of the images to alleviate their weight, by means of an installed program or a web application. In this case, the fastest way is online because it will not be necessary to download any external program.

Although it is also possible to reduce the size and weight of an image , the ideal is to process large quantities in groups to buffer.

Not all the pages that provide this image compression service develop it taking care that its quality is not affected. This can cause inconveniences, because if the original is eliminated and kept compressed, it will not be possible to regain the lost quality.

What is image compression?

This method of reducing the weight of an image consists of changing its resolution or size without affecting the ratio of height and width that it originally presents.

In some cases , the image format is also changed to a lighter one, however, the more compressed the image format is, the longer the device will take to read it, since it has to perform a decompression process.

This is the same for videos. Not all formats are suitable for converting images, as some may affect the quality of the file.

Methods to compress multiple images in batches without losing quality


On the internet there are many web pages that offer this service, however, not all of them can compress a group of images at the same time and ensure that they will not lose quality.

image quality

Compress multiple images in batches without losing quality with ShrinkMe

ShrinkMe is a page that offers this service for free, online and with high quality. From this online application you can upload a large number of files to speed up the process by not having to mount each image separately.

The first thing to do is enter the web link in the browser bar, which is Shrinkme.app . After having entered, you must proceed to press the “Select ” option , which will bring up a window.

In this window, you must search for the images you want to compress and select them, and then select the “Open ” option . After that, the web program will automatically compress it and show the reduced size and its percentage.

To proceed to save the image on the computer, you must select the “Save ” button and then select the location where you want to place the file. Already with this process you will have a compressed image with the same quality as the original.

The formats supported by this platform are JPG and PNG, like the files that are saved in Illustrator in those formats. Otherwise it will not work to compress multiple images in batches without losing quality. Another way to add images is to drag it from the Windows window to the blue box.


compress images without losing quality

It is important to mention that for already compressed images the result will not be the same since they will have a loss of quality. Although it is minimal and is practically not noticeable with the naked eye, it is present and must be taken into account.

Compress multiple images in batches without losing quality with TinyPNG

This is another page that offers the compression service with the difference that it may take a little longer to process. Also, it only supports a limit of 20 images at a time. Although its name refers to the PNG format, it also supports JPG and its use is the same as ShrinkMe.

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