How to change the Wifi password of any router – Solution

We are going to see the different options you have when it comes to modifying the password quickly, simply and in just a few steps. Before, you must bear in mind that there are two passwords within the Router itself.

One of the passwords to change is the one that encrypts access to the Router’s administration panel, so that third parties can change the password or use it. The other password is the Wi-Fi network password, which is what prevents others from having access to our wireless network.

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How to change the router password quickly and easily

Inside your computer, you will be able to observe that there is, in the Control Panel, an area that allows you to modify some aspects of your internet network such as: network name, IP addresses, DHCP or security, etc.

The first thing we are going to need is to get the IP address. In Windows, from the start button, you can access the CMD or command prompt by typing ipconfig. In this way, a pop-up window opens, giving us the IP address. With it, we will be able to access the router.

The next step is to get the username and password of the router. We can find it in the physical router, in the lower area it usually has the information pasted. Newer devices have more elaborate default passwords.

However, on older devices, they had too easy preset passwords, allowing third parties to have access to our network.

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How to change the password to access the router in a few steps

Now, this part that we are going to explain is a bit more complex, since it will vary, depending on the router. It is usually found in the Control Panel, or in system settings. Once inside, we must look for the option to configure the Remote and Desktop Connection.

We select the Network Configuration option , and then enter the username and current password. In this way, we will later be able to write the new username and password that we want. The most important thing is that we change the password , using keys that are more difficult to decipher.

Finally, the most important step is to save the changes, so that the new passwords remain permanently. Do not forget that once you have changed the passwords, your device and everyone connected to that network will be disconnected.

To regain access, you must enter the new password you have chosen, and the new username, if you have also changed it.

It is important that you keep in mind that the security of the router’s network can be WPS or WAP2. The best option in terms of security is WAP2. Therefore, we recommend that you use that option.

Something that we must put into practice is to use a more secure encryption . Many use funny and original names or phrases for their password such as “Graci @ s01 “, “E $ te3sMiWif1 “. This is a very good method to prevent third parties from accessing your network.

Avoid using codes that are easily guessable, such as birthdays, your name or that of a family member, etc. Now put this into practice and surf more calmly.

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