How to change the file sharing box to transfer files from one mobile to another

Access to memory and information are two essential elements, since the first keeps them linked with our emotional side, and the second, keeps us updated, both elements are united in the forms of images, videos, photographs, documents and the like, which we keep with great solemnity and many times even with dissimulation.

Wanting to transfer files from one mobile to another can become a headache, especially if you are in a particular space, known as the box or safe. For the purposes of sharing files, there are many means, such as moving files from internal memory to an SD card and then to another mobile, or transferring files to  Google Drive , and from there to another account. 

In truth, the media are many and varied, some choose to use instant messaging applications, such as Telegram, which is also very easy to create an account in it, or use it from the PC for such media. But changing the file sharing box to transfer files from one mobile to another is something that must be done first of all, and we will show you how. 

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What is the box, and do all mobiles have them? 

Mobile companies, in order to safeguard the privacy of their users, offer file protection mechanisms, to store elements that may merit dissimulation, this case is exemplified in the so-called Huawei cell phone box, or also known as the box EMUI. In other mobile phone companies, similar concepts and various names are applied to refer to spaces of this nature. 

Depending on the mobile phone company, this type of space will vary, or it will not be contemplated, so it is necessary to form a box, where files can be shared, this is achieved through the form of folders that can be stored more covertly within the segment of internal files, or using special applications for such purposes. 

Process to change the file sharing box

The process will vary according to the space and method for storing files, but since it is the box, we find it with that type in Huawei phones. To change the box or edit it, it is necessary to create it first.

Process to create the box

  • In Huawei mobiles this is as a function integrated in the settings, so we refer to that space
  • Go to the security area, where you will choose “safe
  • The enable option is chosen
  • You must choose the place where it is going to be stored, as well as the option of placing or blocking access, using a password or fingerprint.
  • Once this is done, the process of creating the box, or safe, on the Huawei device is completed

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Change the file sharing box

You can present the occasion in which you want to share a file from one mobile to another, either by the means that we mentioned at the beginning or any other that is considered appropriate for that purpose. In that case, it will be necessary to change the box by moving the files. This is achieved in a very simple way. 

It will become a space where files are stored, either from it, bringing them, or from the general location of the file, and wanting to move it to the box. When it is created, it becomes a new option on the device, when you want to move the files. 

To change the box, and to be able to share the files, it is necessary to send them to a free space, that is, outside the box. For example, if you want to share a photograph from one mobile to another, and it is in the box, you have to remove it from there and take it to a space such as a gallery, the internal storage space. 

To do this, you only have to access the box, and if a password or fingerprint was placed, provide it. Press and hold the file to move, choose the “move ” option and specify the new space, once there, you can move from mobile to mobile under the owner’s preference mechanism.

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