How to change or redirect the LPT1 port to a USB or Network printer

Printers as we know them today were a highly innovative and revolutionary invention , helping not only office tasks, but also home tasks, before these, we had to either send the documents to print in specialized sites, where it was very expensive, or pass it by hand.

There is a wide variety of these devices, ranging from the simplest, which only print, line by line, to the most modern and with multiple functions , great for students and professionals. In the beginning there were several ways of transmitting data from the PC to the printer, when the universal USB did not yet exist , that is why there are even today programs that use these old ports.

What is the LPT1 port? How to identify it?

The LPT1 port, (Line Print Terminal), for its acronym in English, was the standard before the USB output, its name comes from the fact that printers were initially printing one line at a time, long before the invention of today’s laser printers.

Over the years, this became obsolete, although there are still computer equipment with these ports, mostly for compatibility, since in some offices these printers still exist, however, there are also office automation programs that are designed to give instructions on these ports.

The way to identify these ports is simple, since they are quite large and are usually located on top of the video port (VGA) of old computers, it has a large number of pins, 25 in total, with 8 of these being the objective of transmitting data, 4 for data output control and 5 for input, the others work as a ground.

printer to redirect from lpt1 port to usb

If you still have a printer of this model, it is good to keep in mind that the documents should not be exceeded in size, and it is useful that you know how to transform a legal document to letter to avoid possible inconveniences.

Redirect LPT1 port to a USB printer

Even today, there are programs that were created before the USB output, and that therefore, are programmed in a language that only recovers printers with LPT1 port, this causes, that our USB printer does not recognize us as valid, for this we will have to redirect the information from the computer.

For this it is good that you have your printer correctly installed in the system and that the operating system recognizes it as default. It is important to know that to carry out this process you must have administrator permissions, if your account is a guest account, it will mark an error.

We must go to start, control panel and look for the option “printers and faxes”, here we will look for our printer and with a right click we will mark the option “share”, then it will ask us for a name and we assign it, once the printer is shared we can redirect the LPT1 port.

We must press the “Start + R” key on our keyboard, a small window will open and we write “CMD”, then the command console will open and we will have to write the following command “net use lpt1: \\%” followed by this We put the name of our PC and that of the printer, to separate them we write “% \”

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