How To Change Audio Output From Stereo To Mono – Quick And Easy

What makes the quality of an audio vary? Many times it is about the encoding format and the frequency of it. For example, services like Apple Music transmit at a 256Kbps bit rate in the ACC or Advances Audio Coding format. This Apple Music service can be used on Android.

And Spotify, offers the Ogg Vorbis format at 320Kbps. Both formats are of high quality although different. Therefore, the format often influences the sound quality.

And there are also several apps that can help you improve the sound . Now, does the audio output have anything to do with it? Does this influence how we listen to it? The answer is yes in both cases. But what is the best way to listen to it and how to change the audio output of our device? In this article you will find the answers.

What are mono and stereo mode and how are they different?

Audio system with laptop on desk

Many of us have heard of these types of playback when our devices offer us the option to change them.

Normally, stereo is preferred to mono, but why is this so? What does each one consist of? And how to change them?

Mono refers to a signal recorded with a single microphone. Therefore, when playing it with two speakers or with headphones, you will hear the same recording from both the right and the left since the signal is doubled.

On the other hand, stereo is a signal recorded with a pair of two equal microphones. Then, when listening to the file or recording, on the left you will hear the sound recorded by one of the microphones and on the right, the sound recorded with the other microphone.

This makes stereo sound more realistic to the human ear as we are designed to hear from both sides.

This fact is what causes a stereo file to be twice as heavy as a mono file since it actually contains two audio recordings and twice as much data must be saved.

Although it is evident that the sound quality is quite good in stereo mode due to the way the sound is distributed, this is not to say that it is wrong to use mono mode.

How to change the audio output from stereo to mono on your mobile?

Although our devices usually come by default configured in stereo mode due to the good experience it provides, it is also possible to change it to mono mode.

As already mentioned, with the stereo mode you will hear variations between the two headphones but with the mono mode, you will hear exactly the same on both sides.

What should you do to change the audio output and then set it to mono mode? Follow the simple steps below and you are done.

In fact, the only difference between the two is that in mono mode the dispersion of the stereo sound is lost, not the quality as such. So you can use mono mode without any problem.

Now, what if you want to configure or change the audio output of your mobile device from stereo to mono? How to do it? In the next block you will learn how.

Step 1

Hearing Settings

The first thing you should do is enter the “Settings” or “Settings” of your mobile. Go to the “Accessibility” section and click on it. Once there, press the “Hearing” option.

Step 2

Finally, you must select if you want to activate or deactivate the stereo or mono mode. You do this by pressing the switch right next to the option you want to choose. And voila, you will have changed the audio output of your device.

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