How to cancel the contract with Vodafone and unsubscribe from its services online or by phone

Just as it is possible to unsubscribe from Movistar , customers can also unsubscribe with Vodafone if they no longer wish to use any of its services. This right is expressed in the contract, so it is recommended that you know how to cancel the contract with Vodafone and unsubscribe from their services online or by phone

The Vodafone contract

The Vodafone contract is a document that the company issues to its private customers based on a broadband service, a mobile, fixed and TV service.

Said contract is characterized by collecting information about the point of sale of the service, personal data of the client, the installation address, a summary of the service and detailed information about it.

What is the Vodafone contract for?

In a Vodafone contract, the customer agrees with the company since he acquires a responsibility by accepting the service rates and the conditions that are issued in such document.

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Similarly, the Vodafone contract is used to establish payment terms, provide detailed information about services and present the rights and obligations of the client for legal purposes.

Cancel the contract with Vodafone and unsubscribe from their services

If you are a Vodafone customer but no longer wish to use a contracted line or other type of service, you have the right to request cancellation when making a call or through the official Vodafone website.  

Aspects to consider before unsubscribing with Vodafone

Before requesting the cancellation with Vodafone, it is essential that you check the permanence in order to know if there is any penalty since this could hinder the termination of the contract. 

In addition, you should know that the unsubscribe is processed two business days after the request and if you choose to unsubscribe by phone you must also make the unsubscribe request from the internet in order to obtain a special code.

Unsubscribe from the Vodafone service via Online

If you wish to terminate the contract that has been established with Vodafone for a service, you can use the online form. To do this, you need to connect to a network and then make an unsubscribe request from the official Vodafone website.

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 Once you access this section, you must enter your personal data such as the type of document, the number and the identification code. Then, select the products for which you will request the cancellation. At the end you will get a reference code that will be necessary to complete the application.    

Unsubscribe from the Vodafone service over the phone  

Unsubscribing with Vodafone through the phone is similar to unsubscribing with Orange . You just have to call the number 91 005 34 95. After managing the unsubscribe process, you will get a code that you will receive via text message.

Subsequently, enter the code in the Vodafone cancellation management web address, repeat the previous step of “cancellation request ” and remember to mark the services you want to cancel.

Do I have to pay a penalty when I unsubscribe with Vodafone?

If you have decided to unsubscribe from Vodafone, you must be sure that there is no commitment to this company since when Vodafone is terminated, it is necessary to pay the penalty according to the time remaining in the permanence and the service that you contracted with the company.   

What is the portability threat in Vodafone?

The portability threat in Vodafone is a technique that is used in favor of the client to obtain advantages for a request to leave the company. In this case, Vodafone offers certain offers such as a discount on the payment rate, some additional services, discounts on mobile phones and even free terminals.

These offers do not apply to all clients, since in some circumstances the unsubscribe request is executed without the company offering any possibility of permanence.

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