How to buy on Amazon: everything you need to know

To buy on Amazon you need to create a user and have a payment method associated with your account. This website is one of the preferred digital platforms to purchase any product worldwide, as it has several carriers that facilitate the receipt and shipment of the package. With more than 20 years of service, Amazon has established itself as a safe and reliable company for many buyers.

In view of this, in this post you will find the steps you must follow to buy on Amazon both from the web and from its application for Smartphones. Likewise, you will observe its most attractive tools, advantages, disadvantages and additional tips, which you should take into account when formalizing the purchase in this digital market. In this way you will not have any inconvenience when placing an order.

Create an account

If you want to buy on Amazon, the first thing you should do is create an account on the platform to make your orders official. It is an extremely simple process, as you only have to follow the steps that will be described below:

  1. Enter the Amazon page and go to the section ” Create an Amazon account ” through thislink.
  2. Write your name, an email (preferably frequently used) and a password with at least 6 characters. Confirm the password and press ” Create your Amazon account.”
  3. Verify the account with the security code that will reach you by email. With these steps you will have already created your username on Amazon.
  4. Now you must add a shipping address. To do this, press “ Send to (address) ”.
  5. Click on ” Modify shipping addresses “.
  6. Press ” Add address “.
  7. Choose your country and fill in the requested information. Then select ” Add an address.”

Steps to follow for the purchase

The next step after creating the account is to enter the website to make the purchase on Amazon. The procedure is simple and you will have two ways to do it, both from its website and from the application for Smartphones.

From the web

This is the means most used by users, since it is common to have access to a computer or a Tablet. In view of this, here you will see how to buy on Amazon from its website :

  1. Enter the Amazon web platform through thislink.
  2. Locate the course above the ” Hello, sign in ” section and click on ” Sign in.”
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. Now write the product you want to buy in the central bar with the magnifying glass icon on the far right and press ” Enter “.
  5. You will see a list of options about the item to buy. To add filters, you must go to the left side of the screen. In this way you will select if you want to find the equipment with a certain price range or department, free shipping, good weightings and comments, among others.
  6. Once you have found the product that you like, click on it and press “ Buy now ”.
  7. Choose a payment method.
  8. Verify that it is the item you want.
  9. Confirm the shipping address.
  10. Check that everything is in order and click ” Confirm order.”

Note: The attached link belongs to Amazon Global. If you are from Spain, you must press thislink to enter your website. In any case, if you want to change the country, you just have to place the cursor over the flag and press ” Change country or region ” to select the one of your preference.

From the app

The smartphone app is also another medium in which Amazon purchases can be made quickly and safely. These are the steps you must follow to buy on Amazon from its app :

  1. Open the Amazon application on your Android phone (you can download it through thislink ) or iOS (press thislink to start the download) and choose the country, language and currency you want to use. When finished, press ” Done.”

  1. Choose “ Already a customer? Login ”. Enter your email and password.
  2. Approve the new login from your phone with the message that will arrive by email.
  3. Now, write the item you want to buy on the platform through the bar that says “ What are you looking for? ”.
  4. In the list that you will see, choose the product that suits what you are looking for. If you want to add filters, press one of the options located under ” Send to (address)”.
  5. After you have chosen the item, scroll and click on ” Add to Cart “. You can choose how many products you want.
  6. Then, you must press the shopping cart icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. Select ” Proceed to payment “.
  8. Confirm your shipping address by pressing ” Deliver to this address.” If it is wrong or you want to change it, press ” Edit ” or ” Add another address “.
  9. Choose a shipping speed and press ” Continue “.
  10. Add a payment method, either credit or debit card, personal checking account or “ Gift Card ” (gift cards, coupons and promotional codes).
  11. Verify the entire order and click ” Confirm shipment “.

Aspects to take into account

There are many aspects that you should evaluate before formalizing the purchase on Amazon. Below you will see those characteristics to take into account to avoid scams, scams or a bad experience on the platform.

Check the stock and delivery time

It is important that you verify if the product to buy is available or ” In Stock ” and what is the estimated date of receipt. You can see that above the ” Add to Cart ” and ” Buy now ” options . In this card it will be indicated how many quantities are left of that product and if it is available or not.

In the same way, you will see both the price of the product and the shipping (if applicable) so that you can calculate the total cost of the equipment. Just below this information you will see the estimated delivery times and the quantities available in the “Stock”. It is recommended that you choose those items with the label “Available” or that have more than 10 units in inventory.

User opinion

At the end of each product there is an evaluation of it and the opinion of the users who have bought the equipment previously. Before formalizing the purchase, you should observe what these people have commented in order to know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a specific item with that seller.

It is recommended that you take into account the assessment given by users, but above all it is important to review the comments. In this way you can see if the seller meets the delivery deadlines and if the product is exactly as described on Amazon. By checking this aspect, you can be more sure that your purchase will be safe and reliable.

Check the seller’s reputation

In the search filters you will have the option to search for products according to the best weightings. However, you should check that both the product and the seller are recommended by Amazon. You can identify it with the label ” Amazon’s Choices “, which will indicate that the product has a good price and positive comments.

On the other hand, to check if the seller has a good reputation you should go to the answered questions and the qualifications that he has obtained thanks to the sale of that product. This will reduce the chances of having a scam or bad experience on the website. In the same way, you should read most of the comments carefully to ensure that it is a good purchase option.

When will the order arrive

There is a way to know when your Amazon order will arrive. If you want to find out, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to Amazon through thislink and log in with your email and password.
  2. Mouse over ” Accounts and lists ” and click ” Account.”
  3. Click on ” Your orders “.
  4. Click on ” Locate your package “. There you will have more information about your order and how long it will take approximately to arrive.

Buy with one click

When you have made your first purchase on Amazon with the shipping address and a specific payment method, you will see that the ” 1-Click ” function will be enabled for the other items you are looking for . With this option you can directly buy any product and use both the payment method and the shipping address that was indicated in the first purchase.

Now if you have several shipping addresses in your account, once you press the ” Buy now in 1-Click ” button, a list of addresses will appear for you to choose the one you prefer. If you want to adjust this tool, go to ” Ship to (address)> Modify shipping addresses> 1-Click Settings “.

What is the wish list

The ” Wish List ” (Wish List) is a section of Amazon where you can store all the products that you like or are of interest, but not acquire at that moment. In other words, it works as a place to store all the products that you want to buy at another time. It differs from the ” Shopping Cart ” because the items you include you will not buy immediately.

With this option you don’t have to search for the product again. In other words, you only have to enter your ” Wish List ” and click on the device you have saved to start the purchase process directly. This is one of the attractive tools that Amazon offers and with which you can organize your future purchases to compare prices between products. Under “Buy Now” you will find the “Add to List” button.

Amazon prime

If you want to have better purchase options, you can acquire a membership in Amazon thanks to “Amazon Prime”. This subscription will allow you to be a member of the company and have great discounts or privileges that other people will not have. Its advantages include free shipping on the same day the product is published (in the case of video games, books or DVDs).

Likewise, you will have access toAmazon Prime Video ” to watch any series or movie on this platform and other paid subscriptions such as “ Prime Music ”, “ Prime Reading ”, “ Twitch Prime ”, among others. Other benefits to highlight is that you will have a 15% discount on “Amazon Family” products and you will have ” Prime Student “, a service with promotions on student items.


The main advantage of buying on Amazon is that it is easy, convenient and fast. You have the web platform and the mobile app to purchase any product in simple steps. In addition, they can bring the item to your door and, as it is an international store, shipments are usually free or at a low price.

Likewise, in Amazon you will get equipment that you do not have available in your country or are sold out. The best thing is, the prices will be competitive, so you can start a business or give an economic gift to a family member or friend. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the order, you have the option of returning the product and requesting a refund.


Delivery times can be long depending on the country in which you are located. Also, some shipments will be expensive, therefore the final price will be high. Another disadvantage is that the product may not be what is displayed on Amazon, so you must carefully read each comment from the team to ensure its arrival without delays and exactly the same as the image described on the platform.


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