How to buy in the USA and receive the products to my country step by step?

Buying in the USA and receiving the products in your country can seem like a very complicated task that requires experience and wisdom. And yet there is the fear that the product will not arrive and lose the money. Most of the time this is not the case.

From almost anywhere in the world you can buy on Amazon and receive the products at your door. This has been possible since 2018, when the sales giant opened the option of making international purchases and paying with more than 20 different currencies.

Buy in the USA and receive the products in your country step by step

About two years ago it was possible to buy products on Amazon and even get free games on a US account from anywhere in the world. This service is mainly aimed at the mobile phone application. However, it is possible to do it from both platforms.

Buy on Amazon from anywhere in the world with the mobile application

The first step is to download the application on your phone, this can be done from the AppStore on iOS or from the Play Store on Android. Once you have it installed, proceed to open it and access the settings located in the upper right.

This will open a menu on the left side of your mobile to start creating an Amazon account . There you will see a number of options and settings for your account. Locate the configuration section, this will have on one side, by default, the flag of your country.


receive package from amazon

This action will show you another window, in it you must press the option “Country and language”. This will take you to the screen where you can set the country and language you use. Here you must select the option to change the region of the Amazon store that is by default.

Among the country options you will see “International purchases” you must select that. After doing this, the Amazon app will restart to open in its international mode. From that moment you can access many more products and purchase them as long as the supplier makes international shipments.

When you are in the international version of the application you must return to the menu to configure the country and language. There will appear a new option that allows you to choose the currency in which you want to buy. Ready, you can now buy in the USA and receive the products in your country from the Amazon mobile application .

Buy in the USA and receive the products in your country from the web

n the Amazon website the procedure to make international purchases becomes easier. To buy in the USA and receive the products in your country from the web, you just have to enter the international Amazon page. This website is the same as the American one.

The next thing you need to do is log into your Amazon account . In it you can make the necessary adjustments so that the page automatically calculates the shipping costs to your country.


amazon logo

If your region is not configured, you can modify this in the “Deliver To ” section located in the upper left corner.

To enter the address to which you want the products you buy to arrive, you must click on the “Ship outside the US” button. When you do this, a list of countries will appear. There you just have to select yours. After having made these settings, you can buy in the USA and receive the products in your country easily.

Keep in mind that you should always check that the supplier from which you want to buy a product makes international shipments. In the same way, you should keep in mind when making the budget the cost of shipments and taxes. Since these are added to the total price of the product. 

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